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Power Pull: Feb 28th - March 6th: Spider

Deck: Medicine Cards Jamie Sams & David Carson, illustrated by7 Angela C Werneke

Spider Medicines

Key Words: Intention, Creation, Unity, Cohesiveness and Interconnection

How Beautifully apropos that Spider Card should present as the Power Animal Coming Forth to Guide us and Inspire us this week.

Whether on the World Stage or the Stage of our own Inner Landscapes - Spider reminds us that we are all Interconnecting - Points of Light within the Great Light - and we can choose to Align with this in an empowering way.

Set the intention to align with the Unity, Cohesiveness and Interconnection that is the Energetic Truth at our Core.

By doing so, you will be contributing and creating Connection, and allowing the Peace that pre-exists human drama or small mindedness, to come forth and 'radiate' to, through and from you. Become a Peace Keeper-----


Imagine if you will - a Magnificent Shimmering Web made up of hundreds, perhaps thousands, perhaps millions ( as many points as you can comprehend) of tiny bright lights---Each Light representing the Soul Bright Light of one of our 'Universal Family' members.

Sense yourself as one of these shimmering Lights - see, sense and acknowledge in a way that has meaning to you, the Beauty, the Depth, and the Rightness & the Lightness that flows to you, through you and from you as you are bathed in the Light of this Divine Interconnection, this Divine Web of Light.

You may indeed see, sense or acknowledge an area of the web or perhaps within yourself where the light feels dimmed, lean into Spider's creative energy, and 'see' her 'repair' the web back to it's original brilliance and intensity.

Rest in this space of being fully supported, fully illuminated and fully in Coherence with the Deepest Truths and Resonances of Who You Be - and as you do - know that you are contributing to the Peace that is at the Core of Who We Be.


Much Love

M and TKH

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