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April 2024 - Realignment and Remembering

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As Spring makes herself more apparent and evident, as we navigate through the month of April, here in the Northern Hemisphere, let us share the following benediction and invokation upon you.

May the Energies and Invitations of Realignment to Your Core Essence, be made known to you, in ways that have meaning and discernment. 

Remember, that the intention is in the Asking, 'Ask' to realign to your Core Essence, in the ways and spaces that are best for you. 

May this be brought forth with Joy, Ease, and Understanding.

May you more deeply understand, sense, and work with your own Deep Tru-Knowing, which was created and gifted to you when the decision to incarnate here was made.

As you deepen your awareness of the EverPresence of your Core Essence, your Tru-Knowing, may you remember that which is to be remembered; the insights, illuminations, energetic upgrades and supports that assist you in navigating and receiving the Gifts of April. 

May It Be So

As It Is So

Has Always Been So

And Now Becomes So.

  Womb'd Circles of Wizdom ,     Communion & Connection

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Held on a regular basis - these online circles offer a space of Sanctuary, Communion and Enlightenment.  The theme of each gathering is channeled through Tru-Knowing Holistics, in tune with the needs of those who are called to Circle.   Each Circle includes opportunities for to learn healing practices and to enjoy a guided Shamanic Journey.  Investment is $33.00 per person. 

Details are posted on web site and on FB Tru-Knowing Holistics in advance of the Circle. 

New Offering:  Fables 4 Life tm 

fantasy-7457387_1280 (1).jpg

                     We are excited to announce the latest Creation and Offering by Tru-Knowing Holistics. 

                                                                                        Fables 4 Life TM

Channelled through the Gifts of Word Weaving and Shamanic Sight, I have been shown how to create spoken Fables for all Ages, particularly those who may feel they are ‘too old’ for stories.

Crafted with Intention, these Fables recognize a Teaching, A Theme or Experience that wishes to ‘have it’s story told’. 

The Stories tell themselves; I am honored to Be their Storyteller. 

The Words of the Stories are intertwined with the intention to bring the listener into alignment with the Energetic weavings that link to the Healing energies and Remedies,  ready to be expressed.

The Stories wish to be a bridge to possibilities and potentials – garnering the Helping Spirits, Remedies, Energies and Alignments Across the Realms,  that Bring You to More of Who You Really Be, and Why You Be Here.

As we move forward, there will be a Fable 4 Life ™ offered with every Circle, and when right, as Individual Healing Sessions

Eventually I am shown this will be published as a series of Fables for Life

Artwork by PlacidPlace on Pixabay 

In Gestation:
Blog, Podcast and Classes around 'Night Journey's - Insights and Wizdoms from the Dream Realms.
You Tube Channel & Podcasts
Link'd In 

Author in progress:
Childrens' Books
Book of Fables and Magic
Book of Shamanic Journey's
and yet to be determined. 

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Freebies & Other Magic

Under Gestation 

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