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Upcoming Events 

    Head To Soul            Wellness Fair

           Head to Soul Wellness Fair 

                          5th Annual

                     Pioneer House

                      10102 100 Ave.

                Fort Saskatchewan

          Saturday April 15th 2023

                         10am – 4pm

Tru-Knowing Holistics will be Offering 12 - 15 minute sessions:

Wisdom Whispers:

Investment $20


1) Power Animal Invokation

Who is the Power Animal stepping forth to accompany you, sharing it's strengths and wisdoms?  Is it a reason/season or Lifetime Companion - come and find out! 

2) Sacred Geometry and the Higher Self. 

Intuitively choosing a Sacred Geometry symbol channeled by TKH - receive the Messages of Tru-Knowing from Your Higher or Future Self. 

3)  Individualized Invokation & Blessing 

 Experience Word Weaving as we create a Unique and Potent Blessing Just for you, aligning you to the Possibilities and Potentials waiting for your permission.  

Tru-Knowing Holistics will also be providing Art Pieces for sale:

-Reiki Charms - Unique blending or Reiki, Intention, Wood and Bead -  a Mobile Zen Space.

- Power Animal Art - pictures of Power Animals and the message they asked to send.

- Choose your Season  - Tuning Into Your Own Tru-Knowing, you'll choose a picture representing the 'season' you are in regarding choices and desires, and receive 'inspiration' on how to proceed.  

          TKH Healing Circle:                   Date, place and Time                          In Gestation 
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Freebies & Other Magic

Under Gestation 

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