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Beltaine's Blessings, Bounty and Invitations

Beltaine - May 1st - A Celebration across Cultures - The Energies of Spring, of Hope, of Renewal, of the Birthing of Possibilities.

What does this mean for me? For you?

I share with you what I was shown in meditation this morning - Beltaine this year, is particularly potent for 'New Beginnings' --- I was shown the image of a group of pale blue eggs - which I understood to represent New 'Life' (which for me is almost always a 'new' way of looking at 'old' patterns or belief's}, and Gestation.

I intuitively understood that 'good things are afoot' for all of us, however we need to remember that there is a Divine Timeline that is facilitated by the Creator and All Who Love and Guide Us, that we 'grow into our glow' through this timeline -- and that while our human aspects would like to 'speed' things up - just as an egg has it's own timeline to hatching, so too does our Beltaine Blessings.

In addition, was shown for myself and to serve as an invitation to you as well - What would our lives look like if we began ( or deepened) our willingness to see how we 'serve' our world, as an act of Divine Service. What would it look like if we understood that everything we give and gift the world through our talents, our words, our caregiving and caring - was an act of Divine Service. What would our world look and feel like if we more deeply understood that our giving to the world of our time and talents, in whatever form they may be--is the energy and Light of the Creator in expression?

And as we know, that which we 'give' to the world, we are 'gifted with'

What a wonderful thought - that when I align myself with the intention to be of Divine Service through my thoughts, words, actions and deeds, that I am sending an energetic signature to the world that says YES - I AM in Divine Service, which then invites the vibration of Divine Service to be expressed to and for myself through self and others.

How might that move us beyond the miasma and thought structures/burdens that carry a multitude of expectations on how we are to express ourselves, how our expressions are to be received, and how we are to be compensated for the expression?

How much "Lighter" and 'Brighter' might we feel, if our initial awareness is that whatever I do, say, create, receive, allow, align to, intend, plan or reveal is actually illuminated by the Light that is Love? What else might be possible, and how much brighter could a day be, by realizing that everyone, everything, and all energies greeting me ARE the Light that is Love?

What might my day look like if my intention becomes the desire to lean into this Light, and let the Light outline the day's events and possibilities?

How much more Joy and DeLight could be brought into the day, by freely aligning with the desire to be of Divine Service, and rest in the resonance of that Joy?

What might it feel like, to 'tune into' the possibilities resting within whatever symbols or images arise for you when you think of Beltaine, and to intend to receive them in the energies of Divine Service - expressing who and what you truly are with Light, Delight and Joy, supported by the Creator and All Who Love You Across the Realms


Here is a short Beltaine practice that you can utilize throughout the month of May

Imagine a Beltaine fire glowing in front of you---release into the flames any issues, concerns, patterns, or 'stuff' that you'd like to be free of---simply 'pour' it into the flames. As you do so, the flames purify, transform and illuminate. 'See' if there is a symbol, image or vision that appears for you in the midst of the flames when the purification is complete. Rest in the light/relieved space you feel as this occurs. Blessed Be.

and finally, may I share a Beltaine Blessing upon you and yours:

On this Blessed Day

May the Fires of Beltaine illuminate, purify and instigate

The Beauty and Blessings that are ready to come forth

May you See, Sense and Feel the Joy and Delight of the Creator and All Who Love You Across the Realms.

May you See, Sense and Feel the Light and Delight of expressing the Gifts, Talents and Beingness of Who You Be in Truth.

May you be Open to Receiving the Gifts of Spring, and with Joy and Ease, Grow More into Your Glow.

May you Know What a Beautiful Difference you make to the World.

May you Feel the Impact of your Breath upon the Earth


May You Feel How Deeply Loved and Appreciated you are.

May it be so, as it has always been so, and will always be so.

Blessed Be.

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