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Marianne K.

The Face of Tru-Knowing Holistics 

Wisdom Weaver & Shamanic Guide

I am a Suburban Shamanista,  Seer,  Spiritual Midwife and Word Weaver 

Let me show you how to Birth New Possibilities and  Potentials

Grow Into Your Glow!

Born in Scotland, emigrating to Canada as a young child, I have always been aware of the emotions and energies around me.   

Learning to navigate Life as an Intuitive Empath, Channel  and Healer has been a life long endeavor. 

I have walked many paths of learning, including Shamanism, Reiki, the Akashic Records, Signature Cell Healing, Therapeutic Touch and a number of different teachings around  Energy,  Consciousness & Awareness.   

Having trained as a Registered Nurse in 1980, still working in this field, I am in  unique position of being able to blend complementary and conventional knowledge and approach. 

     I am in the beginning of my Crone Years which I find to be a time of Blended Wisdoms and Expansion in Understanding what is Possible, as well as an increasing reliance on "Beyond and Before'  the day to day living of life, and relying on  Non Ordinary Reality as my 'True North' 

Over the Years, I have come to an Awareness and Awe of the Resiliency of the Human Spirit and the unending drive we have within us to grow into Who We Came Here to Be.

Working with all the modalities I have experienced;  Born as a Seer, and with  my  Empathic Abilities, I am able to 'Tune In' to the Wisdoms, Guidance, and Energetic Practices that will assist you in becoming Who You Are Here To Be.

While I communicate with those from across the realms, my Strongest Communions are with the Realms of the Ancestors, and the Power Animals.   Hear what they have to show, Gift, and Teach you.   

Living in the Beautiful City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, I am fortunate to be able to access one of the World's Most Beautiful River Valley's, whilst living in the middle  of  an urban city;  thus allowing me to discover and walk the path of being both a  Suburban Shamanista and Spiritual Midwife.  


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