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January 2024 - Invokation and Blessing

On this Eve of New Year, with the Energies of New Beginnings and Hope Awakened:

This Blessing I BeQueath to you, Gifted By those Beyond the Veils of Ordinary Awareness and Attention:

May the ending of this year bring you release from what no longer serves.

May you surrender the Stories that no longer support who you are becoming. 

May you be Freed from Burdens that were never yours to carry.

May you be Released from Burdens that were.

May you feel the support of those who have stepped forth from Beyond the Veil, to remove these energetic stories and burdens from you, returning them to Creator.

May you feel the Grace that flows from this release. 

And, as this New Year is birthed, and in the  space created by this Sacred Release, may the Energies of Revelation flow towards you.

In this coming Year:

May you 'see' the Deep Truth of Your Worth!

May you 'feel' the Majesty of Who You Be in Truth!

May you learn to lean into the Powers of Gratitude and Appreciation for Who You Are, Who You've Been, and Who You are Becoming!

May the Gifts of Who You Are, and What you are here to Be, Be!

May you sense in ways that have depth and meaning for you, how much you matter to the Universe, & how the Universe is complete BECAUSE of you!

and finally

May you know how deeply you are Loved, Have always Been Loved, and Will always Be Loved- By the Everywhere Always and in the Here and Now.

Blessed Be

and the Happiest of New Years

MTK and TKH 

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