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April's Eclipse---Elicit, Epiphany & Expansion

Alrighty then--Eclipse time tomorrow April 8th - here in Edmonton it's predicted to be a partial eclipse, starting at 1154 a.m. and ending at 1:39 p.m.

I'd like to share some idea's around the eclipse, and the energetic invitations it presents.

I like to remember that Eclipse energies and invitations can be worked with for weeks to months after the eclipse itself----so it's not one and done-------

First of all, I'd like to share the Key Theme Words shared by the Eclipse Energies:

Balance (achieved by going beyond current definitions - especially around your comfort zones), Alignment (be in awareness or agreement with a situation, belief or circumstance) and Allowance (giving permission, or in agreement with)

Balance Alignment Allowance

Working with the energies and offerings of the Eclipse, I offer you some questions to sit with - in curiosity and open mindedness---- perhaps you'd like to journal - by computer or good old fashioned diary/scribbler---- I know for me, as I start writing my thoughts and awareness's, there is almost always an answering depth, and further expansion in my answers.

So having gathered your journal and pen, and a glass of water (always good to work with the healing properties and accompaniments of the Water Element) you are ready to begin:

The first step, I find helpful, when intending to be in Self Exploration, is to begin by calling in the Sacred Myst (if you are as yet unfamiliar with this practice, please visit Wisdom Weaver - Tru-Knowing Holistics on You Tube Sacred Myst Energetic Practice ( for instructions on how to achieve this simple yet potent energetic exercise and alignment.

The second step is to gently bring your awareness and curiosity to these questions:

  1. What if alignment wasn't something I had to do or get or be, but rather an energetic quality that I simply have to 'allow', or 'call forth'? If I did, what might that look or feel like? Where might I have successfully aligned with energies, or situations or solutions that were of benefit to me in my past? What would I like to 'align' with in terms of hopes and dreams for this time in my life? What might that look or feel like? ( when working with the image-ination - it is helpful to pretend/imagine what your hopes and dreams might look like or feel like--and write that down, almost like a 'story'

  2. What is surrendering into alignment is actually a gentle process, infused with Love and Light? What might that look or feel like?

  3. What is alignment was actually resting in my Core Essence, my Higher Self, and letting that Truth radiate through my being, feeling nurtured, nourished and inspired? What might it look like if I let go of what I 'think' I need to be happy or fulfilled, and sincerely ask my Core Self to share insights around Soul Alignment with me, in ways that I easily understand, and find to be inspiring and exciting?

  4. What if alignment is actually a form of energetic revelation? What if resting in the intention to Be In Alignment is enough, and in that intention, ideas/inspirations/co-incidences are all brought forth?

  5. What does the Eclipse's offer of Balance look like for me? What does it mean for me, to ask what is possible when explore how to achieve balance by going beyond current definitions of my life, and what is possible, particularly around my comfort zones? What new perspectives or insights might be waiting just beyond the edges of what I currently define as my comfort choices/habits/auto repeats?

  6. What is Alignment with Allowance was simply a series of small steps, mini movements in the light direction rather than one grand goal? What if the Universe is actually conspiring on my behalf, and being in a state of Willingness (which is what Allowance really is) to entertain that there might be 'new' ways or doing/feeling/living my life that hold deeper meaning and fulfilment is actually all that's needed to start the flow in the right direction? What does that make me feel like? Does it nudge a little bit of excitement.

  7. Can I practice not 'having to have the answer' all the time? Can I remember all the times in this life path where synchronicity has guided me, and intuition has garnered the info needed when it is needed, and as it is needed?

  8. What if instead of telling the Universe what my goals may be, that I instead ask to be shown how to be in awareness, alignment and allowance with what My Higher Self is ready to share with me, my own Tru-Knowing? and Finally

  9. What would it look and feel like, if I were to begin a regular practise of sitting down, with the intention to Align, Allow and Entertain my own Inner Tru-Knowing, and receive his or her gifts, that are ready and waiting?

To Close, I give you a brief visual energetic invitation from the eclipse energies themselves:

Throughout the eclipse time period tomorrow, Imagine in a way that has meaning for you, that you can 'sense' the sun, moon and earth as they arrive into 'alignment and balance' with one another, in perfect symmetry as they literally line up--- in harmony-with one another, in a perfectly aligned Cosmic Dance-----and allow yourself to 'feel' that symmetry, alignment and balance dancing throughout your being.

May this Eclipse bring to you, the energies, offerings and invitations that nurture, nourish and inspire you. May you remember that you are so much more than the day to day of ordinary living. May you reconnect with the parts and sparks of you that are extraordinary.

May it be so, as it has always been, always will be, and now unfolds.

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Thank you Marianne, this was a lovely guide for the Solar eclipse. Love you and your words xx Sarah

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