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          Tru-Knowing Holistic Store

Under Gestation and Development 

Coming Soon



Dreaming Sticks - Unique Blendings of Wood, Wire, Stone and Carvings.

A Portal of Possibility to Bring Forth the Dreams Already Gifted to You or Your Loved Ones by Creator.





  In Gestation:


Tree Whispers - art created with and by Mother Nature, complete with a simple yet effective practice to Ground your self and your energies.

Reiki Charms - art created in Sacred Space that weaves wood, metal and beads together to create the Flow of Peace and Centering.

Healing Practices:

A Wide Variety of healing practices developed over the years that provide Centering, Inner Focus and Listening, & A Sense of Belonging within the Great Web of Life. 

Word Weavings - see Service page for details 

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