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Power Pull: Feb 21 - 27th -- Butterfly (r) & Pig

Power Pull: Butterfly (r) and to Balance - Pig.

Deck: Animal Kin Oracle by Sarah Wilder

Key Words: Change and Abundance

Butterfly represents the energies of Change. A Reversed card invites us to see where we may be in disharmony or disagreement (consciously or not), with the energies offered.

What does change mean to you? Perhaps it is a gradual movement out of your comfort zone? Making choices a little bit at a time that allow you to change the trajectory of where you wish to go? Perhaps change has come like a tsunami to you, without the appearance of choice, and feeling like you've been swept along on a path of newness?

Irrespective of whether change comes gently or with force, the Truth of the matter is that Change is a constant.

Everything changes - it is the nature of our Being, of the Cycles of Nature, of Life itself. We are in a constant state of Evolution - moving into the next best version of Who We Be. Butterfly energy to me has also always represented Rebirth and Hope.

So let' s merge the Energetic Intentions of Change, Rebirth and Hope Gifted to us by the Butterfly and empower ourselves to consider the following questions for the coming week:

Where might I be in resistance to Change?

What Belief Structures have I accepted from my childhood, my parents, my community and society that see Change as a negative or a drawback?

What is ready to change within me?

Where do I see change happening around me, and can I gift myself the possibility of looking for Rebirth and Hope within the change?

What do I 'Hope' to change in my life?

What does the term rebirth mean to me?

Then, I invite you to intend to connect with the Highest Version of Who You Be in Truth, and ask what is ready to be birthed, rebirthed (which is simply remembering the Gifts and Talents you Brought to this Lifetime) and expressed.

I also invite you to start asking the Universe to show you how it is showing up to support you as you move through the inevitable waves of Change in your life.

When I realized there had been a reverse pull, I was prompted to ask for a card that would help 'balance' the energies - Pig came forth.

Pig represents the energies of Abundance. What a lovely happy little pig on the card. It struck me that this little one is powerful in her Trust, her Trust that the Universe is Abundant, and Supportive. Be-cause she is in an energetic resonance of Innocence (which is your original resonance as well ) she is in alignment with Trust and Abundance - meaning that she has no other expectations or agenda's, she simply rests in her knowing that she is One with an Abundant Universe, which brings the Peace of Trust and the flow of abundance.

So let's work with the balancing energies of Pig and the internal resonance of Abundance that is at your core - untouched by life as you've lived it

Invite the Energetic Intentions of Abundance, Trust and Innocence Gifted by Pig to encourage you to ask these questions for the following week:

What do I define abundance as?

Am I willing to expand my definitions of what abundance is and how it can show up?

If I were to write a 'magical story' about how abundance showed up in my life, as if by miracles, what would that story look like?

What possible abundances can come into my life as a result of my willingness to look at and work with the energies of change?

What if change actually means MORE Abundance, rather than less?

What if my definitions of change and abundance are ready to 'change'?

Again I invite you to intend to connect with the Highest Version of Who You Be in Truth, and ask How is Abundance ready to show up in my life?

How can I align with these already gifted energies and allow them to come forth in ways that are joyful and enjoyable?

What would it take for me to begin practicing on a daily basis to 'see' where change brings abundance and possibility to my life?


M & TKH.

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