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Lean into Spring Equinox Energies and the Power of the 'And'.

Good Spring Equinox Morning to You!!

A Blessing Upon You and Yours:

May you feel the Energies of Spring building within you!

May you feel the currents of Past, Present and Future Possibilities Flowing Within!

May you Allow More Deeply than Before, the Grace and Gifts that Spring Offers you!

May you Align to your Natural State of Hope, Joy and Willingness to be Who You Came to Be!

May you See, Hear, and Acknowledge in a Way that has Meaning for You, the Potentials and Possibilites now awakening within you, for the Highest Good of All Involved.

May it be so, as it is so, and So It Is!

On this Equinox Day, a Day of Balancing and New Potentials - May you come to remember the Power of the 'And'.

Equinox is about balancing, bringing into harmony Who You Be, How You Be, Who You are Here to Be. Equinox also heralds the Spring Time, where New Potentals awaken into Expression

By allowing yourself to begin to 'play' with the Power of the And - you will begin to practice how it 'feels' to come into balance.

How? Easy Peasy - for any situation, be it perceived as 'good' or 'bad' - 'easy' or 'challenging' - Tune into the situation or feeling or experience and simply ask 'AND?'

Then allow yourself to see, feel or experience in a way that has meaning for you, 'How does it feel to be in the AND?'

In this very simple way, you have attuned to the Energies of Universal Flow, which is ALWAYS about the AND!. When we ask AND? - we have moved into an energetic state of Flow, moving beyond conclusions we may have held, beyond what we currently think are the options or solutions - and FLOW into multidimensional awareness, which is our birthright and our 'natural state of Be In'.

Allow yourself to see, feel and experience in a way that has meaning for you, the Power of the And as many times as you like, particularly through this Day of Balance and New Beginnings.

Happy and Blessed Equinox.

May You Remember All that you are here to Be, Experience and See.


Post note: If it calls to you, you may wish to visit Tru-Knowing Holistics on Facebook, as there are two Energetic Attunements for Spring Equinox - a Guided Shamanic Journey and Spring Power Animal Attunement - that may call to you.


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