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Spring Equinox - Time for Hope, Balance and Blessings

Spring Equinox - March 20, 2023

May I place this Equinox Blessing Upon You and Yours:

May You Feel, Sense and See the Magic of this Day

May You Feel, Sense and See the Blessings of this Day

May the Opportunities and Portals of Possibility within this Day, Reveal themselves to You

In ways that are Rich, Meaningful and Accessible.

May You Feel the Currents of Creativity Awaken & Flow Within

Carrying the Ideas and Potentials forth into this Here and this Now

In the Best Ways Possible

May it Be So in the Highest & Best For All Concerned

Spring Equinox Blessings Upon You and Yours.

As I leaned into the Spaces and Places of Spring Equinox this Morning, I was shown that the key Theme and Intent of this time is:


I was shown this state of Balance in Being, is in constant flow, never fixed or static.

Want to know why this is fabulous news?? Be-cause it means the point of choice, the point of potency, the point of Magic is always in this moment.

if you are 'swinging' to one polarity rather than the other, in the moment you become aware of it, you can ask/invite/intend to experience the invitation within the polarity

Know that the experience or energy you're asking to experience ALREADY EXISTS within the Balance that you Be, and asking for it, simply allows that which is already offered, and part of you, to express.

So not only do you Gift Yourself when you accept the Opportunities within Balance, you Gift the Universe by expressing it's largesse to and through you!!

What's not to like about that?

Free Gifts, unlimited time to redeem them, and a win win for the Universe expressing Itself Joyously and Lovingly through and as you?

For example:

If you're feeling, experiencing, or sensing:

Closed Mind/Body Ask to Allow/ Open

Condemnation to Self or Others Ask to Allow Compassion In

Cruelty to self or others Ask to Allow Kindness in

Blah, Boredom, Sameness Ask to let the Joy In.

Stuck Ask to let the Flow Start

Old patterns/habits Ask for New ways of Being, Seeing, Doing

Challenging situation Ask for the Opportunities Hidden Within

Bitter Ask to see the Sweetness here.

Set your intention to 'ask in' the qualities that you wish to experience, to 'balance' your Being, and visualize/sense/see your inner 'scales' of balance adjusting to this 'new' intent, and 'see what happens'

Play with this - allow the choice to 'change' the 'season' of your thinking to be fun and light.

Bright and joyous

In the Flow of Spring!

Here is a short but potent Healing Practice

'Spring Smudge'

aka Go Smudge Yourself - grinning!!

Visualize a Bee Keepers Smudge Pot

See, sense or feel in a way that has meaning to you, a Bee Keepers Smudge Pot

Let this appear as it will, it may resemble this example, or look nothing like it at all.

Know that the Smudge Pot is being handled by the Helping Guides, Spirits, Guardians or Ancestors Best Suited to this moment, this experience.

See, sense or feel the smudge/smoke beginning to billow out of this, towards you. Let the smudge smoke be the color it wishes to be, this may change as you move through the healing.

Shut your eyes and see/sense/feel the smudge smoke covering you from head to toe, extending down into the earth, and up into the sky - covering all aspects of you in this here and now.

Let the energy of the Smudge Smoke be exactly what you require in this moment----allow this to last as long as it feels 'right and light' Know that the Smudge is bringing balance to mind, body, heart and spirit, in ways that are gentle, easy, right and light.

When this feels complete, open your eyes, and allow the Smudge pot to dissolve.

Feel/see/sense what insights, balance and invitations have been received.

So Be It!

And for those so called, the Power Animals who have stepped forth to assist with the Energies of Spring and Balance are:


Beaver represents the energies of Strong Foundations, the positive Legacies of your Ancestors and Kin. Beaver knows how to 'flow' with water (emotions) and can guide you as you navigate the wisdoms within your own e-motions (energy in motion) Beaver also represents the ability to look at any situation with a solution based orientation. Invite Beaver into those places where you are 'stuck' in a particular point of view or perception.


Bee represents the harmony of the Hive, the capacity to have many aspects/sparks of self come together in harmony, learning to respect the strengths and capacities of all the parts/sparks that make up who you are - including those you have named bad/good, beautiful or ugly. Bee is an unerring navigator back to the hive, let Bee's energy 'carry you' back to the harmony and balance that lives within you---Bee also encourages you to actively seek the sweetness of life

May You Feel, Sense, See, Feel, Free and Be the Blessings of this Spring Equinox

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