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Word Weaving ™ August Invokation and Blessing

This is a piece of art created by mTKH representing the Lions Portal and Light Language. The intention of the piece is to align you visually with the Blessings and Brightness of the Portal. Aho!

Word Weaving ™

All my life, I have Loved Words, and they have loved me.

Recently, in my evolution as a Shamanista, I have been guided to create and channel

‘Word Weavings’ ™

As a Word Weaver, Unique Works are Created through a Blend of Intuition, Poetry, Gifts of Time, Astrological Realms, Circles of Intention, Alignment and Allowance.

The Word Weavings™ carry the Potency and Power of the Words and their deeper meanings, infusing your awareness with Energies that clear, cleanse, uplift, enlighten and empower.

Using the Gift of Shamanic Sight, Traversing Ordinary and Non-Ordinary Reality, Words are Woven that create Ripples of Truth, and Alignment with the Energetics that are of beneficence to you.

I & Tru-Knowing Holistics will craft a Word Weaving ™ for each month, starting with August 2022,

We hope you will allow yourself to See, Sense, Acknowledge and Receive these Weavings with the Highest Intentions and Blessings.

It is our suggestion that you read the words aloud, seeking the ‘feeling’ connection that arises as you speak the invokation aloud.

It may be helpful to read, read aloud and ‘bask’ in the energies created on a daily basis.


Invokation/Word Weaving™ for August.

This month there are a number of astrological events that are actively contributing to our energy fields, awareness of them is helpful so we can ‘align’ our ‘attention’ to the ‘possibilities’ they offer. It is helpful to remember that we are so much more than this physical reality, and that there are indeed realms of support, insight, and guidance far beyond ‘ordinary reality’ Will you allow your natural curiosity to help you explore this?

Aug 8th is the Lions Gate Portal; Aug 12th is the next Full Moon – often referred to as the Sturgeon Moon. Aug 12 – 13th Perseids Meteor showers. I encourage you to explore a variety of websites that share their perceptions around these events – some of the sites that I follow are: --- Molly McCord on FB.

Word Weaving for August:

May I be Awake to the Synchronicities, Wisdoms, and Insights before and within me.

May I Create New Paradigms and Perspectives, allowing me to expand my understanding of Compassion, Trust, Courage, and Freedom.

May I Awaken more deeply to the Unique Gifts, and Talents I possess – allowing People, Places and Circumstances to reveal to me the Creativity and Intuitiveness that already exists within, allowing me to feel Energized, Engaged and Ready to Express!

May I Align to and Embody my Highest Light, and be open to receiving in the Highest and Best Way the Light codes with DNA upgrades and activations from all the Realms of support and Wisdom that surround me

May I remember the benefits and blessings of Lifetimes in which I aligned with Healing and understood my partnership with the Universe and all Healers within the Oneness.

May I Evolve in my ability to Be Encouraging, Nurturing, Kind and Compassionate to myself.

May I more deeply understand that ‘making peace’ with my current scenario’s ironically creates movement and shift. May I realize that surrender is not the same as giving up, and know that indeed surrender creates more potency.

Creator, Show me how.

May I easily and readily understand when it is time to shed the old, to walk the paths that allow me to see the Gifts of the Shadow, with gratitude and appreciation for the strengths, talents and lessons learned.

May all that Angers me, be more deeply understood and the Spiritual Wisdoms within them revealed -- May this lead me to more Potency in Choice and Response.

May the Energies of Forgiveness come to and through me; cleansing, clearing, and allowing my perspectives on what forgiveness is to shift, to see that it is possible to bring forgiveness and insight to myself and those whom I have not forgiven to date.

May I Receive, Resonate and Radiate the Deeper Truths that are revealed as a result.

May I Learn the Deeper Language of my Body and Body Elemental – connecting with the Choices that Empower, Lighten and Nourish Us.

May I Dance with the Flow of Intuition, Clear intention, Bravery, and Clear Vision – clearly seeing the next step and the next step ahead of me.

May the Energies of Transformation Sustain and Inspire me, Harmonizing my Being with the Spiritual Blueprint that exists at my core.

May the Fascination and Intrigue I feel when I recognize Synchronicities and Miracles help me deepen my vision and allowance of them.

May I be in awareness of the First Harvest, Mindful of Earth’s Bounty, and her endless Giving to Us, May I be Giving of Appreciation and Love for her.

May All of this Manifest in the Highest and Best Way for All.

May this Be So, As it is So, and So it is.



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