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September's Theme: Condemnation or Invitation?

For Me, September has always been a month of 'new beginnings', there is something about the subtle change in season that begins over late August into September that feels 'fresh' and 'new' and carries with it the feeling of possibility. As a child, I always looked forward to the start of school - and all that it represented.

In the now, I still connect with the energies of possibility that rise in September - and still enjoy them albeit in a different way. I am shown the subtle shift into September invites us to go within, to touch the energies there that are asking us to look at what is ready to come forth; what new adventures, or learnings, or remembering's are percolating and generating excitement?

Allow yourself just a moment or two on this first day of September to reconnect with these energies of Possibility, Excitement and Potential.

What might come forth, if you sat with pen and paper, and just received the idea's, just 'be in the flow'?

I was gifted an insight this morning as I immersed myself in these 'new energies' of September - that I wish to share with you.

I was shown particularly as we encounter the flow of 'new', of 'potential and possibility' that our egoic self- (who has learned/been taught to 'stay safe' in whatever way that means for each of us) will 'keep us safe' by bringing up finely developed 'safety mechanisms' that block or diminish our receptivity to what is new or possible.

While the original intent was positive, over time, our ego becomes far too skilled at creating diversions, delays, excuses and outright condemnations of ourselves when we entertain the possibility of looking at something differently, trying something new, or letting go of old patterns & beliefs.

One of the ways in which ego 'keeps the status quo' is by condemnation, usually of ourselves, sometimes of others who may represent qualities or opportunities that we deny ourselves.

It is not unusual that when we 'sit with' the energies of a new month - a new situation - a new possibility, that as we become aware of that internal excitement and alignment, 'hot on it's heels' will be some form of condemnation rising that acts as a 'damper' on what is wanting to come into awareness.

Ironically, we tend to also react with condemnation when we become aware of ego's patterns of condemnation.

This morning as I sat with the incoming energies of September, and felt the bliss and excitement rising, I too became aware of the 'intrusion' of condemnation thoughts.

In that moment of awareness, I was gifted this insight:




What if condemnation is actually an energetic invitation?

What if condemnation is actually an invitation in disguise?

What if condemnation is actually a 'malformation' by the ego, that is actually an invitation?

What if condemnation is actually an invitation to reframe the thought which condemns into a thought that inspires, allows, invites?


So, here's an invitation to work with the energies/patterns/habits of condemnation within you.

Each time, over the month ( or to be realistic, each time you remember) of September, practice.

Practice receiving a thought that condemns or judges self, and 'flip it'

Identify what is being condemned, and 'flip it' into an opportunity, an invitation, a 'way to see or do things anew'

'Use' the condemnation to identify the invitation within it.

It may be as easy as identifying the 'opposite' of what has been condemned

What has been 'judged' as not possible, less than, not good enough can then become what is possible, as good or better than,.

For example:

Condemnatory thought arises re what you're not doing for diet?

Flip it to' I wonder what options exist for food choices that inspire and delight me?'


Condemnatory thought: You don't exercise enough/well/etc.

Flip it to 'I wonder what ways of movement would be enjoyable to my body?'


Condemnatory thought: 'They do it much better than you do'

Flip it to 'Practice makes polished, what baby steps can I take to become more polished/practiced that feel inspiring and exciting?'


Condemnatory thought: 'that's not possible'

Flip it to 'I wonder what else is possible here?, or What kernels of possibility are 'hiding' within the impossibility thinking?'

Have fun with this where ever possible, perhaps even exaggerate the condemnation/ impossibility as it comes up, be childlike in your approach. Think of a young child who has announced to you they are going to the moon for lunch, it doesn't matter what you say or do (condemnation patterns) their belief is untouchable (invitation) and they do indeed 'go to the moon' for lunch inside their imagination and hearts. Connect with the energies of your Inner Child who still believes in possibility and the unending potentials that Life offers us!!

A Blessing Upon you for September:

May the Energies of Hope, Possibility and Potential find you.

May the Invitations hidden within patterns of condemnation be found

May the Child Within who is filled with the excitement of September, be known to you

May you together, explore the possibilities that flow to you through out this month

May that which has hampered you up til now, be released as easily as leaves falling to the ground.

May the energies of September which stir within, be recognized, appreciated and allowed

May you feel the continual support, Love and insight carried within the Invitations.

May this Blessing Intensify within all of Who You Be

May It Be So, as It Is So and Always Has and Always Will Be

Blessed Be!

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