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Power Pull May 2 - 9th Woodpecker and Kookaburra

Woodpecker and Kookaburra

Opportunity and Amusement

Card Deck - Animal Kin Oracle Sarah Wilder.

Welcome to the First Week of Beltaine.

Did you know that Beltaine is a 'season' rather than a single day.

Celebrated by the Ancient Gaelic Celts, Beltaine recognized the return of the Light, of Spring and it's promises of Growth and Possibility

This can be a 'fertile' time to work with the Energies of Growth, Conception (which is the marriage of Ideas and the Actions to bring them forth) and 'The Where's and How's of encouraging growth from Within ----- Your Self, Your Idea's, Your Dreams, even your Soul Whispers.

This is a potent time to bring forth the seeds or ideas or plans that you may have developed over winter's sleep, into the Brightness and the Light of Awareness.

It can be a helpful practice to spend time 'doodling' or 'daydreaming' during Beltaine, as the rich ideas that are ripe for planting 'drift' across your conscious awareness, simply waiting for the Gift of your attention.

Carrying a notepad and pen, or your phone notes during this time is a potent signal to the Universe that you are indeed in a space of receptivity, and 'ready' to bring forth the possibilities that are singing in your Consciousness.

How apropos then, that we have two Winged Ones coming forth, to assist us this week, in simultaneously being open to Opportunities offered, and in 'lightening up our approach' as we navigate them.

Too often, after being gifted with multiple ideas and opportunities, we can get bogged down in the details, including the always present list of reasons why an idea or opportunity won't work, can't work, isn't working.

This is where the old patterning of where ego--- created from lifetimes of experiencing opportunities that didn't always 'work out' - created 'auto repeats' designed to protect us against further hurts by limiting our visions of what is possible now.

The problem with that of course, is that as we grow in awareness and experience, so too, does our ability to navigate the changes and challenges that can come with growth.

It's time to 'redirect' the sometimes relentless pull of ego - into understanding that not only are we ready to Allow Opportunity to come forth, but we are designed at our very core to align with the Divine Design within every idea, which carries within it the people, places, circumstances and events that bring it forth.

Woodpecker and Kookaburra, Two Masters of Flight, Adaptability, Resourcefulness, Resilience and Persistence, who are also Gifted with Incredible Sight and Hearing are here to help us do just that----

Woodpecker assists us with the Sight, Hearing, Persistence , and Vision that receives the flow of Opportunities that exist in this Energetic Space of Beltaine, which then activate and energize the Potentials for the Growth and Flowering of our Self Awareness, and Aligning with our Soul's Purpose

Set the intention to work with Woodpeckers Guidance and Ancient Wisdoms, and 'see' what comes forth.

Kookaburra brings us the Gift of Humor, the ability to see and bring the Lightness and Brightness of Being in any situation, particularly those in which we might carry old baggage around missed opportunities or opportunities that seem too daunting.

Kookaburra reminds us that even the greatest Trees started from a small seed, and step by step, evolve into the Giants they be now.

Let Kookaburra remind you to take yourself and your idea's lightly, to allow the process to 'go with the flow', step by step, inevitably bringing forth the people places and circumstances that lead to the next step and the next.

Whenever you take yourself too seriously, allow Kookaburra to remind you of the power of a good laugh, and to 'Lighten Up'

and finally an invokation for this Beltaine Season:

Blessed Beltaine to You and Yours!

May you feel the Deep Stirrings of New Beginnings within you.

May you feel the Sacredness of the Land upon which you stand, and the Sacredness of the Land of your Ancestors.

May you feel Gaia's Blessings Within Your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.

And May you Walk forward with Grace and Ease into the Possibilities and Potentials that await you during this Holy time

May It Be So

As It Is So

And Will Always Be


MK and TKH

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