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Power Pull: April 4 - 10th Wolf

Card Deck: Animal Kin Oracle by Sarah Wilder

Wolf: Connection, and Communication

Today's card pull was an opportunity for the Universe to share it's sense of humor.

As I looked at the card, I simultaneously realized it was laying absolutely on it's side, neither up nor reversed, which spoke of balance. So I knew that 'balance' or 'bringing in balance' would factor into whatever messages were coming forth.

Secondly, when I did the card pull, I did not yet have my glasses on, and saw Wolf, and thought the word was Communication, and had immediate sense of the importance of 'kinship', of those in our 'pack'.

So sat with the energies of 'kinship', balance and communication for a few moments

Imagine then the Universe chortling as I looked at the card again with my glasses on and saw that it actually said Connection.

What a Glorious Divine Synchronistic Event to bring us to the Power Animal that is stepping forth and ALL of it's message and intentions.

So-----Balance, Connection, Kinship and Communication.

How Beautifully they all flow together right??

I was shown an image of a Great Grid of Light, that connects all of us with Creator, and all that Creator is, and is becoming.

We are connected across times, dimensions and realities, with a vast network of support and guidance.

When we 'set an intention' it is like 'plucking' a string in this Great Grid of Light, that sends out energetic invitations for People, Places and Circumstances to come together to support us, weaving patterns of synchronicity and insight.

What might it look like this week, if you set the intention to allow 'deeper insight' to the patterns of communication and connection that you currently share with your 'pack', your 'kin'?

What would it look like if you intended to align to the possibility of deeper and more authentic communion with those that you love, and what that might look or feel like?

Perhaps even more importantly, what might it look like to set the intention to align with a deeper communication and kinship with your I AM Presence?, Your Higher Self? Your Future Self?

What might it look like to ASK (allow support known) what balanced connection and communication with your Deepest True Essence would look like, feel like, how to encourage it, allow it, develop it, expand it?

Calling upon the Power and Presence of Wolf and Wolf Pack, and the illumination of the moon cycles, I wonder what might be possible in terms of in-sight and 'new sight' around the desire we all have for deeper and more authentic connections within and around us, and to engage in meaningful communication that is deeply fulfilling and nourishing?

So this week, 'howl at the moon if it feels right', and calling in and upon the Power and Presence of Wolf and Wolf Pack, lean into the authentic connection, communication, balance and kin ship that awaits you.



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