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Power Pull April 11-17th: Dragonfly and Quert

This Week's Power Pull is an invitation to balance the inner and outer worlds that you walk within.

Medicine Cards by Sams & Carson

The Celtic Tree Oracle by Liz & Colin Murray

Key words: Balance, Insight, Tree of Knowledge

As always, the words that follow are the ones that wished to be spoken, and are our own.

Dragonfly and Quert (Celtic name for Apple Tree) are the cards that asked to come forth this week,---It was shown that the upcoming week is an invitation to balance - meaning paying 'equal' attention to the inner and outer worlds that you walk within.

It may be that you are spending too much time in the world of effects, of 'out there' - and are beginning to feel depleted or overwhelmed by the 'event's' that impact you, or the choices made to move through your day to day reality.

Or - it may be that you have been retreating from the outer world, spending too much time in the realms of your thoughts and inner worlds--and it is time to bring what you've discovered, thought upon or meditated with - into the world.

Dragonfly provides the ability to fly 'between' worlds and realities, and carries within the complex weaving of it's wings, the Luminescence of Wisdom Embodied.

Let Dragonfly assist you to trust in your ability to navigate throughout the realities and worlds that you inhabit.

Let Dragonfly's expanded and multidimensional Sight Guide You.

Let Dragonfly's ability to land lightly assist you in moving through the coming week with balanced communion and communication between your inner and outer worlds.

In addition, shown Dragonfly flies to and lands upon the Quert.

Quert/Apple Tree--- The Tree and fruit that represents knowledge

From ancient times, the Apple and the Apple tree have represented all the phases of knowledge and knowing. From seed to fully developed apple, to a huge and blooming apple tree - all phases of development are contained within and upon the tree ( inner and outer worlds) in full balance and readiness to manifest.

The 'Tree of Knowledge' is an Energetic Reality that is shared and understood by many World traditions and belief systems.

It is often shown as a Beautiful Bountiful Tree that exists in the landscapes of your inner sight and intuition, and is in a state of constant offering to you, of it's Beauty, Riches and Knowledge.

Be Cause after all, Knowledge and Beauty shared, benefits all.

An persistent and expanding viewpoint, is that the Churches of old, in their attempt to indoctrinate and control the peoples - took the original story of the Tree of Knowledge to whom ALL could approach and be 'fed' or 'enriched' from ---and intentionally distorted it - re-presenting it as a warning that those who sought knowledge outside of what the Church told them was true----would be banished.

Thus, the invitation this week, is to 'land lightly' upon the Tree of Knowledge that is already deep within your core. To 'allow' by intention and attention, visualize an apple being brought to you, deep in your Inner Sanctum - perhaps even carried by DragonFly - and bite deeply into that apple - knowing that your Guides and Guardians, and the Tree of Knowledge itself are bringing you that which is specific and perfect for you - bringing you into awareness of what is ready to be brought into your world, through and by you.


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