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Power Pull: Angels, Unicorns, Horses and Hawk - Oh My!!! April 25th - May 1st.

Decks: The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron Reid

Archangel Power Tarot Cards by Valentine and Virtue

Key Power Players: Archangels Gabriel and Michael

Power Animals: Horse, Unicorn and Hawk

Key Themes: 'Align with Courageous Insight', 'Empowered Decision Making'

This morning, these decks were calling out to me, and it wasn't until after I'd done the pull with the Archangel Power Cards --- noted the Presence of the Archangels, and then noticed each card also brought forth a Power Animal - Horse and Unicorn. Made me chuckle a little bit, how often do we find additional insights and supports when we 'let go of' our expectations ---for me it was letting go of what a Power Animal Pull looks like----grinning!!!

So here we go-----Angels, Horses, Unicorns and Hawks---Oh My!!!

Immediately shown how all of these cards 'flow' together to empower, enrich, Guide Us and Align Us to the energies available this week. As we move into the new moon, and the new month of May - it is an opportunity to visit our patterns around making decisions and taking action on them.

The Energetic Empowerments and Alignments that are being offered us this week are:

Alignment with Courageous Insight & Empowered Decision Making

By inviting and invoking the Guides that come forth during these card pulls, we are through Free Will, aligning our intention to 'allow' their Wisdoms and Guidance to be received in ways that are meaningful and empowering to each one of us.

Our Inner Beings heartily enjoy the opportunities to LINK with Higher Energies, Wider Wisdoms and Loving Hearts.

Allow a lighthearted curiosity to infuse these words and your reception of them.

May only that which is meaningful and purposeful for you be received with grace and ease.

Perhaps we are really good at making decisions, quickly - decisively and thoroughly ---but don't allow them to flow into action?

Maybe we have a crystal clear list of To Do's, that never get TaDone?

Or perhaps it's the other way around---maybe we dither around making decisions and are anxious to move into expression without clarity or focus???

Maybe we get bogged down in the details of the decision or the action, feeling overwhelmed or underachieving??

This week's energy is around making Empowered and Insightful Decisions - having all the info and insights you need to make a decision; and the Courage and Power that brings that decision forth into action.

What is a decision? Dictionary definition is a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration

So a decision needs information, insights, considerations.

After reviewing the info, a 'decision' is made - an idea that needs to be brought forth into action, into expression.

The Guides that stepped forth this week carry the Energies, Insights and Empowerment that assists us in gathering our info, making a decision, and carrying the decision into Action.

Messages from those who stepped forth this week:

Archangels Gabriel - elevates our ability to understand the visions and teachings that flow along the multiple streams of comprehension within and around us.

Archangel Michael - lends us the strength to embody Truth, Justice, Empowerment and Courage.

Power Animals:

Horse - Highly Intelligent, Perceptive, Strength in Gentleness with Strong Action when timely

Let Horse 'carry you' into Empowered Decision Making.

Unicorns - Carry the Energies of Potential and Possibilities beyond current points of view and conclusions. Let Unicorn 'balance' the need to make decisions and 'carry' them into expression

Hawk. - A Powerful Ally - allowing one's perspective to 'fly high' above current understandings that may be contracted, constricted or smaller than required to make a decision that empowers all involved. Hawk also reminds us that we are always guided by the Creator, and that our I AM presence is always Present, Alert and Grace Filled - providing additional insights, alignments and 'magic'

Here's what I know----I LOVE my lists, they help me feel organized and in awareness of what is wanting to be brought forth, to be created.

Those who know me, know that there are ALWAYS lists, of varying types and topics in my home.

I even have lists of the insights and channelings that are gifted to me.

So my challenge does not lie in the receiving of insights, I am readily able to capture the insights, instructions, and ideas that want to be expressed.

My challenge is in 'going with the flow' of moving from decision into empowered action.

I 'real eyes' that our lists of To Do's will literally be unending, and you know what---that's fabulous, because it is a testimony to the unending expression of possibilities that are coming into our attention.

I will however, be calling on the Archangels Gabriel and Michael, and Horse-Unicorn and Hawk to assist me in embodying the energies, qualities and insights that move me into Empowered Action

Will you?



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