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Dog(r)- The Power Of Forgiveness Power Pull April 18 - 24th

Card Deck: Animal Kin Oracle by Sarah Wilder

The Teacher who steps forth this week from the Realm of the Power Animals is DOG.

Key Words: Forgiveness Compassion Internal Truth Seeking

The First Thought to be shared - was the recognition of the Colors Red and Orange.

Red for me represents Fire, Flow, Power. I often think of how Lava, as liquid fire, moves over the Earth creating 'new channels'

Red also represents the Root Chakra -an energetic signature within you, that asks where are you firmly rooted in your life?

Orange, for me, represents Joy, Enthusiasm and Creativity. I often think of Ayers Rock, a Sacred Monolith, and how all the colors and patterns flow together in synchronicity, and how even the different times of day present completely different views of the same place.

Orange also represents the Sacral Chakra - the energetic signature within you, that asks where are you allowing yourself to enjoy life?

What beliefs, habits, patterns and grids of behavior do you engage in, that make you feel like you belong, that you have the provisions that you need to feel safe, supported, settled and rooted?

What are some of the behaviors that perhaps arose from times of lack or difficulty, earlier in this lifetime (or before that) that initially served to provide feelings of safety and belonging that perhaps no longer fit?

Where do you prohibit yourself from the enjoying the simple pleasures of life? Where did you learn and what did you learn around 'how much Joy you could let in', what is your celling for or your 'set point' for Joy?

Where do you perhaps have or carry misplaced loyalties to familial, societal, generational, and personal belief systems or paradigms that no longer reflect who you are, or who you are becoming?

This week would be an invitation to call upon Teachings of Dog, to sit beside you, and to help you look at those 'firmly rooted' belief patterns and reactions that arise when you find yourself, once more, smack dab in the middle of a situation where old hurts, betrayals, anger's, frustrations, impotencies and irritations 'erupt' like Lava from a volcano, and we find ourselves 'carried' along the flow of reacting rather than responding.

Did you know that these repetitive events do not come up to punish us??

Each and every time, they are an opportunity to align with the energies of For Give Ness - 'for giving ourselves the Ness-essary (necessary ) space to allow shifts in perception, perspective and conclusion. For Give Ness is also 'for giving this up to God' or your Higher Power, or Your Higher Self, or your Guides and Guardians so they can help you 'take care of it'

It is a humanistic belief that forgiveness is 'hard' or something we have to do on our own.

The Reality of this ---is that For Give Ness is a Universal Energy that resides and moves through all of us, and has an entire realm(s) of those Guides and Guardians who vibrate at the Highest Levels of this Energy ---the Actual Beingness of Forgiveness, and when we set the intention to For Give - we set the energetic invitations for those who are about the business of For Give Ness to come in and aid us. #FreeWill

How? By first of all giving yourself permission to understand that how you see any situation from your past is the 'best' you can do/be/see based on your current perceptions.

Then, remember that any situation that evokes pain, grief, suffering, anger, hostility, rage, shock or trauma are ALWAYS opportunities for calling in our Higher Self's, our I AM presence, and all those who are our Spiritual Kin, with their Gifts, Callings, and Wisdoms --- to help us 'shift' our perspective even a millimeter - which as they say 'allows Legions of Angels to rush in'

By being willing to understand that there is ALWAYS a wider perspective, one based on Compassion, For-give-ness and Wisdom, you align yourself with the energies, People, Places and Circumstances that bring insight into your point of view, and allow your vision to expand.

When you allow your vision to expand, you become receptive to points of view, perspectives and possibilities you may never have had before, that can shift the entire experience for you.

Dog also reminds us not to take any of this too seriously, to bring a 'light touch' and a 'curious' sense of 'exploration' to the above questions

In addition:

Dog as Teacher also invites us to recall how to live in the now, not the past or the future.

Dog Lives Joyfully in this moment, taking in the Now in it's fullness, not seeking or avoiding, or 'dialing it down'.

Dog 'sniff's out the truth of the matter' - there is no 'fooling a dog' in terms of the emotional energies you carry around safety, stability, creativity and joy.

Dog is in harmony with it's environment and itself.

Dog also carries endless Compassion, Kindness and Caring.

Let this Legacy and Energy accompany you as you 'dive' into the Opportunities, Invitations and Wisdoms this Powerful Teacher presents.





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