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Wolf & Rabbit

Power Animals for the Week of Jan 24 - 30th

The Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm

This week, two power animals have come forth with an important message about balance.

Wolf (r) and Hare

One of the magical things about working with Power Animals, is that there can be partnerships in this realm that do not exist in ours.

Wolf and Hare are such an example.

They both symbolize the Power of Intuition, and both in their own way invite you to consider what needs balancing in your life.

From Wolf, we bring in the awareness of the need for balance in how you are spending your time. Is there a tendency to spend too much time alone, or is it the opposite - are you avoiding or unable to spend time by yourself.

Wolf helps navigate both the need for socialization and the very important ability to sit in silence, to sit with your Shadow.

Your Shadow is not only the uncomfortable aspects of self that you have been taught to dislike or disown, it is ALSO the Strengths that lay in wait for your attention and intention.

Ask Wolf to help bring balance to the dance of pack time, and solitary time.

Listen to the cues from your intuition in how to make this so.

Lead with curiosity when leaning into your intuition rather than prediction or conclusion.

From Hare, we bring in the awareness of balance between 'what is', and what is stirring within you, what is showing up, and ready for rebirth - perhaps it is a readiness to 'see' an old situation in a new light?

Perhaps it's time to bring out an old dream or desire, and see if it's time has come?

Hare gifts you with the energies of Intuitive Awareness.

Lean into Hare's energies to help 'listen' and 'see' what is stirring in you this week.

What is looking for expression?

Does it have to do with either the ability to spend time with yourself or others in meaningful ways?

Key words this week: Intuition, Balance, and Rebirth


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