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Want some Dazzle, some Zest? ----Come find out the Power Animal for June's New Moon-------hint ---- 'stripes'

June New Moon Power Animal   



The Power Animal stepping forth to share its Power and Wisdom this June’s New Moon in Gemini – is the Zebra

You may wish to watch the You Tube Video to experience a short guided Journey to the Zebra waiting to work with you ---

I share with you below some of the Magic and Mystery that Zebra represents for us.

One of the most striking things that immediately became apparent to me, as the Zebra presented itself – is the fact that Zebra’s exist in herds, simultaneously ‘one of a kind’ individually and yet work, live, and exist within a group – called a Herd, a Dazzle, or a Zeal.

As one of my primary Soul Goals as a Wisdom Whisperer and Word Weaver, is to help people understand their multidimensional nature; through developing  their  multisensory awareness’s — and becoming aware of the Realms of Support that surround us,  ready to Gift Us with their Wisdoms, Love and Enlightenment-------How Lovely is it, that Zebra steps forth to aid us in understanding more deeply how to simultaneously navigate our individuality and our multidimensionality!!



I was immediately shown a Delightful and Intriguing Healing Spiritual Practice

Call upon Zebra, and as they attend you – invite them to approach you in the way that is most ideal at this time, it could either third eye to third eye, or coming alongside you so you may lean against them, or perhaps leaning against their side.

As they do so, begin – imagine, see and sense in a way that feels light and right to you, that you are ‘releasing’ all of the energies stored around and as  your current worries, concerns, fears, anything that weighs you down--- let these energies stream into the connection between you, and come to rest in all of the black stripes.

As you do, the deep wisdom within the black (which really represents the 'void’ of all creation, often mistakenly thought of as empty – when it is actually the birthplace of ALL possibility and potential) is able to re-engage with these energies, ‘reminding’ them of possibilities and potentials. The energies are then ‘realigned’ to new perspectives, which allows additional knowledge and ‘remembering’ to come forth.

As this process becomes complete, you will see, sense, or imagine in a way that has meaning for you, that the white areas on the Zebra begin to glow, signaling the energetic infusions and upgrades are complete.

You may see, sense, or imagine that there is now a gentle flow of bright, light, and loving energy flowing back to you – carrying the infusions, intentions of Love, and Love’s Wisdoms for you. This gentle flow of Light also carries Joy within it and awakens Joy awareness within your cells.

You may choose to take a moment to look into the Loving Gaze of Zebra, and sense how deeply you are cared about, and the Joy that has been created as you have worked with the Wisdom’s here.

This can be a particularly helpful energetic exercise to use before bed, whenever you feel ‘stuck’ or ‘overwhelmed,’ or wherever there is a situation where you are having difficulty perceiving a solution.

Strengths and Wisdoms of the Zebra:

Here are some of the strengths and Wisdoms that Zebra ‘embodies,’ and as such, are able to share with us, as we set the intention to spend time with them, as Guides and Guardians.

Zebra invites us to look beyond ‘black and white,’ wherever we are resting in conclusion or inflexibility. You can call upon Zebra to assist you to be open to fresh and creative points of view that can literally ‘turn’ your perception of a situation around.

Zebra is recognized as one who carries the capacity to simultaneously blend in or stand out – they move in a herd formation known as a Dazzle – where they move together in patterns that make them look multidimensional, and as such, impossible for predators to single out an individual zebra. What a wonderful symbology for us, as we continue to learn more about our own multidimensionality, and the senses that help us navigate this deeper knowledge.

How apropos then, that Zebra is also a Wisdom Keeper and Carrier, and has the ability to reveal information, knowledge, and ancient remembering’s, in the best time, space and way for you.

Each Zebra’s stripes are completely unique to them and serve as an important reminder to ‘wear our own stripes’ – meaning our unique tendencies, behaviors, characteristics, and interests with pride.

Zebra is an herbivore, yet has strong front teeth – they remind us, that when we are ‘caught’ up in cycles of thought that no longer serve us, we can call upon them to ‘nip’ those thoughts and severe our attachment to them, as they no longer serve us. (and in some instances, never did)

A Second Energetic Practice became evident as I remained curious.

‘Walk with the Zebra’s’

Imagine, see and sense in a way that has meaning for you---that as you walk through your day, or getting up in the morning, or ‘walking into a particular situation’ ---that there is a Matriarch Zebra who walks before you, clearing the way, and in a V formation behind her, is the remainder of the herd.   Groups of Zebra’s are known as a Zest, indicating joyful enthusiasm and forward movement, let the Zest of this group help carry you forward. And, because it is a ‘Dazzle’ of Zebra’s, they also carry the capacity to always ‘see a situation anew,’ bringing fresh and sometimes unexpected perceptions to help you navigate. Rest within this group, knowing that you are simultaneously expanding your multidimensional awareness, and ‘growing’ into your Individuality.


With Much Love, From the Power Animal Realm & Tru-Knowing Holistics





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