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The Blessings of the North Wind---and the Energies of 12-12

This is an Energetically Auspicious Day - Bringing the Gift of your Awareness to Two Signposts for Today---The Blessings of the North Wind, and the Portal Energies opening upon 12-12.

How Magical is it, to Allow yourself to 'shift' your perspective of the North Wind.

What might it look like, if you were to use the Power of your Imagining and Allowing, to visualize the North Wind as a Wise and Loving Presence, who carries within it, the Energies, Insights, Clearings and Cleansings that are coming from Creator to Illuminate and Expand your Consciousness around What is Possible?

What might it feel like, if you were, for a time, to 'lean' into the Wind, and Listen with your entire Being, Knowing and Feeling How the Blessings of this North Wind are working with your Higher Self, to Attune and Align with the Portals of Possibility and Potentials that 12-12 begins to open.

What might you bring into Knowing, as you release to the North Wind, any of the Melancholia of the Millenium that you have carried-----

What might you help clear and cleanse, as you invite the North Wind to Blow through your Being, Your Home, Your Work, Your Relationships, anywhere you feel the need to invite the Wind to Dance?

Will you heed the call and invitation of the North Wind?

Will you simply allow yourself to Listen to the Wind?

I will.


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