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Power Pull: Week of Feb 14 - 20th: Buffalo (r)

Buffalo (r)

Animal Kin Oracle

by Sarah Wilder

Buffalo (R)

Key Words: Gratitude, Balance between Self Sufficiency and Community Connections.

When a card is in a reversed position, it is our understanding that it stands as an invitation to look at what choices, awareness's, patterns or habits we have, that may interfere with our ability to connect with the energies or opportunities that are represented by this card.

When this card presented, the images of Gratitude, and balance between Self Sufficiency and Community Connections were shown.

Call Upon the Grace and Majesty of Buffalo to be with you as you entertain these questions for the week:

1) Where do I readily acknowledge Gratitude n my life----and take a moment to rest in that energy.

2) Then ask myself: Where do I withhold Gratitude in my life - where are the spaces and places where perhaps bitterness, justification, sorrow, grief, envy have narrowed my view to what is missing, to what I don't have, to what did or didn't happen that I did or didn't want?

It is my belief that there is no such spot where God is not----and that is is not possible for any experience to be without Divine Guidance and Insight.

So with this understanding, and the Quiet Solid Strong presence of Buffalo, is it time to ask: Perhaps it is possible that a situation that up til now has only been received by you as horrible, unkind, unfair, or simply mean----may have an alternate point of view - is it possible that through this situation you became aware of a broader perspective about what was possible for you? Did you by necessity develop a talent, strength or ability that you didn't know you had? Was it time to let something or someone go, and this particular experience was the only way that could happen?

3) Where are there opportunities to Balance Self Sufficiency and Community Connection?

Am I currently leaning more towards one than the other?

How may I balance my needs for self sufficiency, and the willingness to serve my Community?

Is it time to look at where my intention, attention and energy is best served this week?

Am I taking the time to refresh, to replenish, to re-source myself, so that I can truly connect from the Highest and Best of Who I am, to see the Highest and Best of who is in my Community?

Where might I be withholding the willingness to see the Highest and Best of Who I am, and Those who are in my Community?

What inspirations or insights might be ready to be revealed that assist me in Seeing Unity in Community rather than division or insight?

Am I contributing energies that allow for curiosity, exploration and mutual respect to dialogue about where we might hold differing viewpoints?

What energy am I contributing both to my perception and reception of Self Sufficiency - recognizing and being in Gratitude for my strengths, talents and Beingness, and to the willingness to bring these talents and Gifts into my perception and reception of Community?

Allow Buffalo Energy to assist you in these explorations.


M and TKH

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