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Power Pull May 23 - 29th Gecko

Animal Kin Oracle by Sarah Wilder

Key Words: Showing Up, Creative Fires, Being Present.

Shown this week is about Showing up - in Full Color - into this Present Moment - into this Now, into this Here, this Now!

Gecko as this weeks Power Animal, is small but mighty.

Gecko is not limited by the rules of gravity and can literally regrow parts of it's body.

Gecko does not 'hide' it's brilliant colorations, nor does it seek to 'blend in or hide in the background'

Gecko also represent the Joy and pleasure of Being in the Body

Gecko delights in Heat, Senses and Sunshine, and 'will often rest in ecstasy' --basking in the Sun's rays.

As humans, we tend to focus on anything but the present moment.

We Journey down the roads of the past, using what happened in the past to continue defining us in the present.

We Fly ahead to the future, predicating what might happen based on our past points of view, experiences and perceptions.

We also rather consistently tend to rest in our minds rather than our bodies.

The Body can sometimes be seen or felt as an inconvenience or a bother, rather than the Splendid Colorful, Uniquely shaped and developed Presence that it Be.

Our 'Presence' in the Present - both physically & mentally is often limited or absent- -

The Invitation and Potency that Gecko brings, is to Ask Us to Practice Being Present to the Now Moment - to this moment, to this here and now.

Our world is changing rapidly, evolving and 'change has become the norm' - we can get lost in what was, or worry about what could be OR we can practice being present to this moment, to this glorious moment that holds all that is possible within it.

Gecko invites you to 'show up' bringing your full colors, your full attention and intention to Being Here now this week.

The Gifts of Inspiration, Guidance, Joy, Laughter and Love happen here, in this present moment.

You may have heard this before, 'the now moment, this moment, is the only moment you ever truly have - and that life is a series of moments that we flow through'

We Receive, Resonate and Elevate in this present Moment.

Sit with this, and let it's Wisdom and Truth soak through your awareness.

Gecko also invites us to align with the powerful energies of Fire, of Creativity, of the Sparks of Creativity that live within our hearts, our minds and our bodies.

Imagine if you will a Beautiful Fire deep within your heart, that 'burns off' what no longer serves and illuminates what does, as well as 'lighting the way' for that which is ready to come forth into this moment, this now.

Allow that 'rush' and 'surge' of Creative Expression rise up throughout your senses, all your dimensions and Beingness.

Let Gecko teach you how to Be in the Body, in a marriage of senses, heart, mind working together in this Now Moment. .

Intriguingly enough, the card number is 33 - which in Angelic Numbers also represents Creativity and Expression of the Self.

And after all has been said and done - we offer this Mini Moment of Awareness to Be Here Now

We invite you to Dance with the Wind.

What might it feel like to dance with the wind?

To remember how to flow with our ancient kin?

To Be here Now

in this moment

Full and Complete

While Dancing with the Wind.



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