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Power Pull March 7 - 13th Cow (r)

Coming forth with the Insights, Alignments, Vibratory Knowing, and Gifting's for this week is

Cow (r)

Animal Kin Oracle by Sarah Wilder

Key Word: Nourishment

How apropos in the midst of all the turmoil, uncertainty and distortion/upheaval, that the Insights and Gifting's of this Powerful Guide should come through, in a way that encourages us to look at how we are nourishing ourselves.

I am shown that Cow (r) ---reversed - is an opportunity to 'chew our cud' - to look at where we are or are not nourishing ourselves in ways that allow peace, fulfilment and simply joy to express.

Wisdom comes in many forms

It may be timely to expand your vision of what nourishment can be.

Perhaps take a mini-moment of awareness---Calling upon the Power Animal who has stepped forth to guide us this week, imagine in a way that has meaning for you---that you are able to meet her wise and kind gaze, and breathing into that gaze, and dropping into your heart space, ask - What would be shown to me around authentic nourishment?

Ask from this place of enlightenment to see, feel, and receive the meanings of authentic nourishment that are ready to come forth into your world, and how you might align with those opportunities.

Is it for example, time to take up a new craft, create a new dish, return to and renew an 'old' craft, realign with an ancient dream or wish?

Questions to consider for this week, working with Cow Medicines, and leaning into the subtle changes that herald the spring Equinox.

What does 'authentic nourishment mean to me?

Where are we in balance with authentic nourishment?

Where are we out of balance with authentic nourishment?

What would feel authentically nourishing----

in my physical being?

in my psychic engagement?,

in my mental patterns and behaviors?, i

in my heart so that I may feel more joy?

Are we ready to do something about it?

Are the choices I make in media, books and conversation 'nourishing' to me?

Where am I giving my awareness and attention to? Is it nourishing or distraction?

What choices are ready to be 'seen' that nourish me across all dimensions?

What Guides, Mentors, and Insights are ready to nourish me?

Are We ready to lean into a new approach to nourishment?

Are We ready to lean into a new vision of nourishment for ourselves, our families, our communities and our planet?

Cow also wears a crown of flowers, and a necklace which honors deeper sight.

Flowers are gifts from alternate dimensions and carry with them--- insight and illuminations.

The Flowers are resting upon her third eye , and around her ears, so she can 'hear' and 'see' the 'new' gifts of nourishment that are already given by those who support us across the realms.

Her eyes and ears are in alignment, 'taking in' the nourishing awareness's that deepen her capacity to both nourish and be nourished.

The Bells serve as energetic cleansers and gentle invokations to joy from across the realms.

Perhaps it's time to bring some flowers and some Bells into your space

Is it time to 'ring some bell's' in your home, your kitchen, your creative spaces?

What magic, wonder and in-sight's are ready to come forth to nourish you in deeply satisfying ways?


M and TKH

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