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Power Pull: March 21 - 27th Otter

Medicine Cards by Sams & Carson

This Weeks Power Pull is 'Otter'

We're shown that 'Sea Otter' is the Potent Guide and Helper that steps forth for us this week.

Sea Otter is about fluidity, the ability to FLOW

Imagine if you will, that you are surrounded by an 'Ocean' of Energy -and that all the qualities of the Ocean are what you are made of , what you are sustained in, what you FLOW through, and what FLOWS through you. This is your Core Truth. We live and breathe and have our being in a magnificent Ocean of Divinity, the endless and endlessly creative FLOW that is the Creator.

We tend to forget our truth, and we become 'stuck' in the shallows, thinking we're doing it on our own, and at times perhaps even feeling overwhelmed, defeated or 'stuck' We may feel like there are repeated patterns of 'yuck' that keep coming up despite 'working' on them.

What if 'working on stuff' is one aspect of how we grow, and another aspect that is equally important, potent, and accessible as we navigate this time in space--- is to consciously choose to ask to align with our Greater or Deeper Truth, for help in moving through the 'stuff' that comes up -- remembering that the 'stuff' comes up to be cleared, both for itself and us - not for 'further ruminating' What if in doing this, we are gifted images, insights' and supports far beyond what we in our 'shallows' could have aligned with?

Sea Otter brings the ability to align with FLOW, to 'move through' energy easily and gracefully.

Sea Otter enhances our ability to 'swim to the Core of our Truth' easily and quickly.

Not only does Sea Otter represent the ability to 'fly' through the water, it also has a very high metabolism and must literally eat daily up to 25% of it's body mass - it doesn't 'hang on' to things, making it a potent force for helping us to clear and cleanse old stuff---Sea Otter knows how to 'let go' with clarity and cleanliness - and we are shown that as they constantly groom their fur for maximal health and buoyancy - they assist us in the Power Animal Realm to 'put our best foot forward' in how we care for and about our bodies.

So---Sea Otter swims our way this week --bringing with it 'waves' of remembrance and reconnection - the ability to cleanse and clear old 'stuff', and to GO WITH THE FLOW of your Inner Core Truth.

Also shown - Sea Otters gather in groups called 'Raft's' - and will even sleep holding onto kelp or one another. How magnificent is this, to allow Sea Otter to show you 'who' is in your Raft? Allow the endless curiosity and flexibility of Sea Otter to assist you in 'seeing' (sea-in) who is in your Raft at this time. See, sense or imagine in a way that has meaning for you----your 'raft' of support.

Will you let Sea Otter share it's wisdoms, clarity and FLOW with you this week?

Swim well, Swim Joyfully and Swim Deep.


M and TKH

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