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Power Pull: Earth Dragon and Willow Tree

Decks: The Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm

The Wisdom of the Trees Oracle by Jane Struthers.

For the week of May 9 to 15th

Key words: Harmony, Power and Potential.

The week ahead contains many astological influences - including Mercury Retrograde and a Full Moon. Let these Wise Guides lend you their wisdoms and invitations, to assist you in navigating these energetic times with a sense of balance and potency.

Earth Dragon: Power and Potential

Earth Dragon invites us to know that we have within us - 'hidden treasures' - the strengths, talents, capacities, potentials and possibilities that up til now, we may have doubted our ability to access, own or align to. Dragon - like all Dragons - is here to protect our inner treasures until our development and willingness has reached a point to where Dragon energy can 'show us' the secrets within.

Some Questions to 'open the flow of this week'

Where do my interests lie? What ignites my curiosity? If I were given a magic wand, what talent would I ask for? What has been a yearning or a desire of mine, that perhaps up til now I've delayed/deferred/denied?

What might my internal treasure chest look like?

How might Dragon assist the expansion of my Sight, to 'See' what the Gifts and Mysteries are within this treasure chest?

What Magic is ready to be seen?

What would Dragon's flames illuminate for me?

I am shown it would be a helpful mini journey - to imagine Dragon before you, and in front of Dragon a treasure chest---Dragon's breath opens the chest, and they invite you to look within----allow your daydreaming mind to 'imagine' what might be there? What symbols, words, pictures, images, or thoughts 'drift' into your mind in this here and now? Know that they are coming from the Realm of Dragon, and that there is much rejoicing that you be in a place of daydreaming receptivity to receive what is given.

Willow: How Delightful that Willow appears as a Guide and Guardian this week.

Her power word is Harmony.

Willows are long associated with the Divine Feminine and the Moon.

We have a powerful Full Moon happening on the 16th - and we all know that the week leading to and for a few days after, Moon energies and the offerings contained within them can be intense.

Willows root easily, finding their way readily in all types of soils.

Let the Ancient Wisdoms of the Willow Tree 'lend you their knowledge' in the ways of Moon work - and allow the intention of Harmony to perfuse the opportunities to bring to the Full Moon any and all relationships you be in, including the one with yourself, surrendering to Moon Wisdom's all the places and spaces where harmony has not flourished.

Again a mini journey is offered, 'see' yourself on the banks of a still peaceful pond, sitting beside a willow tree, whose branches are dipping into the water. See the full moon relfected on the surface of the pond, and allow again your daydreaming mind to ask and allow for those people, places and circumstances that wish to be released into the illumination of the full moon to come up, as they do, release them to the waters, and 'see' what insights or relief you may feel.

From MK and TKH


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