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Power Animal for the Week of Jan 10 - 16th:


I've chosen this week's card from the deck by John Matthews: Celtic Totem Animals.

Message as channeled by TKH:

Cat represents movement through Life with Flexibility and Curiosity.

Cat widens and opens her eyes as she views all aspects and angles of a situation, and tends to take a good look first before launching herself fearlessly into what she see's.

Cat defies gravity in terms of what is possible in her body movements, and does not for a moment doubt her ability to attain whatever height or distance she is going for.

Cat carries herself with aplomb, and confidence, never doubting in her ability to perceive and achieve.

Cat comes with the energies of 9 lives, which empowers her to explore possibilities and potentials that exist beyond the fear of loss.

Cat has been recognized across cultures as one who see's beyond this realm, readily able to 'read' a room or a person immediately.

What does this mean for you?

Perhaps you'd like to consider the places and spaces where you have established a zone of comfort - a zone of habit - a zone of reaction and conclusion, a zone of same old same old - the places and spaces within you that are contracted and inflexible.

As you do so, call upon the Power of Cat to assist you in aligning with your natural curiosity, flexibility and confidence in your abilities to navigate this week.

(and by the bye, Curiosity did not kill the cat - Boredom and Stupefaction did)

With Curiosity and Confidence approach the following queries:

Where have I reached a place of conclusion in what I believe possible for myself as I approach this week?

What situation in my life is ready for me to take a 'new' viewpoint about - What is there to know or see about a recurring situation in my life that allows me a new perspective, a 'fresh' or 'refreshing' point of view - one that I might not have considered up to now?

I ask to align with the energies already so within me, that resonate to Cat's flexibility and expanded sight , and I pay attention to what I'm shown.

and finally

I call upon CAT energy so that I may 'enjoy' deeply the privileges' of being in this body, and move the body in a way that honors it, stretching and moving into possibilities that simply wait for my recognition.


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