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Power Animal for Jan 3 - 9th: White Tiger - Vision

Power Animal for the Week of Jan 3 - 9, 2022


Every Week, Tru-Knowing Holistics will be sharing a Power Animal for the week.

I Believe we are entering into a 'New Age' of Enlightenment, and that as such, We are ready to become much more aware of the Multiple Realms of Support that have always been available to us.

One of these Realms of Support is the Realms of the Power Animals.

We have long been offered the possibility of working with Power Animals, and teachings cross culturally from the time of oral traditions have emphasized the reality and possibilities available when you connect with the Power Animals that wish to work with you.

Working within these realms is something I have been experiencing and learning about for decades now, and it is an area of deep fascination for me.

The Shamanic Initiations I have experienced in my Life's Journey have deepened my Awareness, Appreciation and Awe of the Magic, Potential, Support and Possibilities contained within the Power Animal Realms.

It is my practice to call upon the Power Animals that are here to work with me on a daily basis, and I have as do we all, Power Animals that are with me for a lifetime, a season, or a reason.

It's time now for you to deepen your awareness of the gifts that this Realm offers.

In the near future, I will be offering additional information and practices that help deepen your awareness, vision and experience of these Realms.

However for now, all that is ever needed to begin anything, is an intention

Simply set the intention to be in Curiosity about the Power Animal Realms.

To Assist with this, I was shown to offer this reading on a weekly basis, bringing your awareness to the Realms and to the Power Animal that steps forward each week

Make no mistake, Power Animals are not 'subject' to the laws of Man, they are Powerful Entities that carry wisdom, power and opportunity. They choose us, not the other way around.

As with all Light Work, you are encouraged to meet and Greet these Wise Guides with the respect that they deserve.

I will be using a few of my favorite Tarot Decks - While each deck does indeed carry an interpretation from the creator of the decks; I have been shown to pull the card, share the art, and channel the Unique Message that comes forth from the Power Animal itself rather than the deck.

This week's Power Animal:

White Tiger Vision

From the Animal Kin Oracle by Sarah Wilder

In the lineage of trainings and initiations that I have experienced, having a Power Animal present as 'White' is profoundly powerful. White represents the Divine, High Levels of Vibration and Intention, Heavenly intervention and supports, Purity (meaning beyond human contamination of thought by small self), and the Invitation to Align with Your Higher Self, Higher Possibilities and Higher Vibrations

Tiger is a master of illusion, and camaouflage - often hidden until they choose to make a move.

They are powerful but walk in silence and mystery, flexible and responsive to their world, their path as a result is unpredictable and based entirely on the now. Their vision is phenomenal, both day and night.

How apropos then, that the Intention and Gift of White Tiger is Vision. What does this mean?

I am shown this is an invitation to expand your Vision beyond what currently is, into what could be? To be in curiosity about what your 'far sight' might look like?

What would it look like to review your current life circumstances with 'new eyes' - to ask what else might be possible here, what else is there to see that until now you have not 'seen'?

You 'see', the Beauty of working with Power Animals is that you invite their Energy, their Awareness's and Strengths into your life and then ask the potent questions, as they will help you answer them

Know too, that Power Animals do not come in like a Tsunami, they come in - readily able to modify their Energetic Signatures in ways that are comfortable, comforting and yet stimulating for you.

Unique to each interaction, Power Animals will assist, illuminate, and where necessary help to remove obstacles in your perceptions and experiences.

So call upon White Tiger and consider the following with curiosity---

What visions are ready to be seen by me?

What 'in-sight's' are ready to be revealed?

Where might I be ready to let go of hesitations and move into 'new opportunities'?

Where am I locked into comfort, habit, or inertia ?

Show me with Grace and Ease, an example of where I might be ready to look at a situation differently?

and finally

Always remember to ask What would you have me know, White Tiger, what would you have me know?

Until next week


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