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Power Animal for Jan 17 - 23rd Dragonfly Spirit (R)

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

This Week's Spirit Animal Kin is DragonFly Spirit -reversed.

From the Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron Reid

There can be alot of misunderstandings about reversed cards, and your little self has alot of cultural conditioning and 'safety' mechanisms that tend to look at anything reversed as 'bad' or 'negative' Quite the contrary.

Reversed cards in my experience and understanding, offer the opportunity to look at a situation from a different perspective, to bring awareness to possibilities and allow you to come from a place of choice rather than reaction.

When I saw this card appear, I was immediately shown the deep importance of navigating this week understanding how cleverly and pervasively we let our community determine for us what we see, what we believe, and what we contribute energy to.

This week Dragonfly offers you the choice to keep coming from the inside out, not the outside in.

What does this mean?

We are influenced on a daily basis by all that we see, hear and perceive.

You can get 'caught up' in the prevalent emotions and reactions that are presented to you through media, family, and your own belief systems - thus reacting rather than responding.

Response is a choice, reaction is auto pilot.

Autopilot is the place and space where you become 'triggered' by the news, and 'add' to the energies of fear and dismay, this is not empowering, it does not 'add to or encourage' awareness of alternate possibilities and potentials.

We are ALWAYS in a moment of choosing - Dragonfly says 'What are you choosing - Truth (inside out) or Illusion (outside in)?'

In no way does this deny the current 'realities' we are navigating through, however HOW we navigate is all important.

Dragonfly reminds you that you always have a choice in the 'How'

Particularly during this time, as we plod through what seems to be an unending pandemic, and pandemic response - it is important to choose, to make an intention, to focus on responding to the events of your daily life, 'from the inside out'

We all at our Core, carry the Light of the Divine, a 'seed spark', a 'core Truth', an energetic signature that announces to all in the Universe, 'Here is the Beloved' 'Here is the Divine as You, as Me, and We'

Dragonfly invites you to take a pause, take a moment, and allow your attention and intention to rest upon your internal Core Truth - Imagine you see, sense or perceive a 'spark' of Light deep within you - Call upon this spark to expand and brighten. Allow Dragonfly's wings to expand this light even further until all of you and all around you is bathed in this beautiful Light.

Do this many times a day, on waking, throughout your active day and before you go to sleep.

Allow Dragonfly to assist in enhancing and empowering your awareness of this 'Starlight' within, the Core Radiance of Who You Really Be.

Because - as you resonate to your Inner Truth and Radiance, you Radiate that to the world, and it creates the energetic signatures that says you are ready and willing to entertain the people, places, circumstances and possibilities that further enhance this Light.

So you Be Light, your Radiate Light, you create and receive more Light.

Just as Dragonfly's Wings are a magnificent mirror of the Sunlight, so too are you the mirror of the Light Within.

THIS is the space where solutions, creative responses, and personal choices that empower and benefit you are realized.

So for this week:

Perhaps it's time to step away from the newspaper, the online News sites, and the TV?

Perhaps it's time to choose to ask Dragonfly to assist you in turning inwards, and looking to the Light that is at your core, and allow that Light to expand - helping you regenerate, remember, resonate to the Light You Be.

Perhaps it's time to let the Light Resonance within you direct your actions, choices and perceptions?

Can you allow yourself this week to come from the inside out, rather than from the outside in?

Can you allow yourself to rest in the energies that empower you, enlighten you and on a moment by moment basis offer you choices based in the Light that support you?

Call upon Dragonfly to help you 'fly' towards your light, and 'away' from disempowerment and auto pilot.

You got this.

You can do this

You Be the Light Bright.


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