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Porcupine (r), Starfish and Badger (r) Power Pull March 14 - 19th

Porcupine (r), Starfish and Badger (r) Week of March 14 - 19th

The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron Reid

This was an intriguing pull as I asked for Guidance to accommodate this week, the Full Moon and the upcoming Equinox, all potent energetic possibilities.

As always, deep Gratitude to the images and the decks they have come from, as we channel the information as follows:

First---For this week---Porcupine Spirit (r) - as you will recall - reversed cards are an invitation to 'take another look' at where there might be missed or missing opportunities, that with a 'simple' choice to reframe your perspective and attention - can bring you insights that create those wonderful ah ha moments!!

Consider this---Porcupine speaks to it being time for the 'beginner mind' - the (r) indicates it is time to look at where your mind is 'fixed', i.e. where it is in a place of conclusion rather than questioning or wonder? Particularly as we navigate the complexities of the current world inter relations, and the strong desire to move past the brutality of war------we are invited to begin with our own inner landscapes. To explore where we can 'bring peace' and flexibility into our worlds.

Ask yourself the following:

What does Beginner Mind mean to me?

What might Porcupine 'reveal' to me about how I can cultivate a Beginner Mind?

Where in my life, would it be helpful to cultivate this Beginner Mind?

Where would it benefit myself and my life to align with the potentials, curiosity and openness of the Beginner Mind?

Let's take this to it's opposite---where are there places and spaces in my psyche that are the 'opposite' of beginner's mind - for example - where do I identify 'fixed' points of view?

Where do I hold judgement or inflexibility towards myself or another?

Is this truly my belief system, or is it one I accepted as true based on what my family, my society, my culture taught me?

is it time to 'take a look' at where there might be 'room to grow' in what I believe possible?

Porcupine medicine is a potent one to invite into your awareness, as it carries the additional benefit of cleansing and clearing

Imagine this: in a way that has meaning for you - Ask Porcupine to come and sit with you in your meditative space. Imagine that Porcupine 'gather's' up all the energies that are ready to be released, transformed, illuminated - and these energies are 'stuck' to it's quills. Imagine that as each thought or energy or behavior or belief touches the quills, it is immediately transformed into a puff of light, a spark of insight, and the energy is freed back to you in the form of 'new idea's, new comprehensions, new points of view'

That is the invitation for this week-----Where can I bring Beginner Mind to the spaces and places in me that need a 'fresh point of view'?

The Second Card, I'm shown speaks to the Full Moon on the 158th.

Starfish is simultaneously a Wise Being and a representation of the Stars - & the 5 pointed Pentagram shape has been recognized as a portal and symbol of justice, mercy and wisdom for centuries. As we approach the Full Moon - the time of 'seeing what has come to fruition and needs to be revealed/released - how perfect is it that the depths of the Sea's and the height of the Stars come together to help us 'see'

Ask yourself: Having accepted the offer and potent medicines of beginner Mind as gifted by Porcupine, How may I build on that, by aligning with this invitation to become aware of the Infinite possibilities that are in my life and my being? What might 'show up' on the shores of my consciousness if I rest in a space of curiosity?

Ask yourself the following:

What feels done, complete, ready to 'turn over' to the Universe, so as to allow 'room' for the 'new idea's' that are already waiting for my attention?

What comes up, when I focus my attention simultaneously on the full moon and Starfish Medicine - what insights are 'swimming up' into my awareness.

What might be possible for me now that was not possible before?

Sit with the phrase 'Infinite Possibility' - perhaps repeat it as a mantra, and with pen and paper nearby, 'capture' what comes up for your attention.

The Third card, I am shown - is about preparing for the Equinox, a time of balanced light and dark, winters leaving and springs beginning. You might think, why would I need to prepare for the Equinox, and we would say why not? Why not look at what is winter weary, done and finished, ready to be released---and what is stirring with Spring's promise of growth and 'in light en ment'

Badger (r) asks us to look at where we are subduing our natural fearlessness and boldness - which often leads us to revealing unexpected choices and bold moves into our future.

Ask yourself the following:

Where do I inhibit or distract or deny being fearless?

Where did I first start doing this, and what might have been the motivation then, is it still true now?

Where are the spaces in my life where I do connect with feeling bold and fearless?

Consider the possibility of writing a letter to your younger selves - honoring that you have always only done what you thought was the best choice at each moment, wanting to feel loved, safe and belonging. Can you tune into compassion and forgiveness for where you may have had to turn away from your natural curiosity, fearlessness and boldness? Can you ask for Badger's help in 'uncovering' where your natural resilience, fearlessness and boldness lives now? Can you pretend what it might feel like to be bold and fearless in a particular situation in your life---what does that look and feel like?

And so for this week, let us work with the Gifts offered by Porcupine, Starfish and Badger

May you feel their presence, supports, Wisdoms and Guidance.


M and TKH

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