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Mother's Day Invokation and Blessing

Mother’s Day Blessing

May 2024


May the Joy of this Day Reach You.

May you first feel the Gentle Touch of the Great Mother, Gaia.

May you feel the etheric cords that connect you to her, in loving and supportive ways, and in that knowing, feel these cords strengthen in Beauty and Grace.

May you now feel through the Mysts of Time, all the ‘Mother’s’ of your lineage that are stepping forth in Love and Delight---know that these are the ones of your Ancestry that are healed, complete and wise.

May you lean into their knowledge, wisdom, and unconditioned Love for you.

May you remember with this, that you ARE THE ANSWERED PRAYER they prayed for – the one who would bring elevation, expansion, and healing to the lineage, joining them in wholeness.

And with this, may you receive all their Blessings towards you and yours.

May you feel the etheric cords that wrap you in Love, Delight, Joy and ‘belonging’ that are woven from their Love to you.

May you feel encouraged, empowered, and enlightened by these connections.


And now – if the voice of your Mother is or was a loving one; whether she be beyond the veil, or with you still----May you feel the unconditioned Love she emanates for you. May you feel the loving etheric cords that surround you in that deep Maternal Love, that is beyond definition, space or place.  May you feel how much more Beautiful the world is to your Mother, because you are in it. May you feel the depth of meaning you have brought to her life, and all the levels of Loving you have awoken within her. May you know how much she has grown as a woman, and as a being simply by becoming your Mom. May you feel the loving wise connections that are woven through each Mother to each child in your lineage, and may you sense that moving forward through your children and your children’s children.

If the voice of your Mother could not be a loving one, if her traumas or wounds made her unavailable or unkind to you – may the energies of those Mother’s and Grandmother’s in your lineage who are healed, whole and complete, reach you now. May you feel ‘Mothered’ in all the ways you have searched for, by those who Love you from across the realms of your ancestry and lineage  May you sense their Joy, Delight, and Love in and for you.

If this lifetime by choice or circumstance, has not allowed you the role of Mother in ‘conventional ways,’ may you still know how very beautifully you ‘mother’ your life and those you care for. To Mother is to align with vast reservoirs of caring, in a multitude of ways – and as we do, we can touch the web’s of connection between us and all who have mothered before us, with us, for us, and after us.

May all the loving connections that grace us, through all the “Mothers’ of our lineage, our lives, and our inner selves Bless Us now.

May this Love and Enlightenment; soothe, heal, free, clear and cleanse us in ways only the Mother energy can.

May we feel the potentials and possibilities that have waited for this Blessing, start to stir.

May we now connect through these Blessings, with the ways and spaces in which we can Mother ourselves, receive Mothering from our Mother’s and Ancestry, and from that, allow our Mothering to expand, Grow and Glow

So May it Be

As It has been, will be, and always has been

And So It Now Begins.



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