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Lion, Dove & Archangel Ariel - Week of Feb 7 - 13th

Key Words: Strength of Forgiveness

Deck: Archangel Power Tarot Cards

by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

It is always intriguing to me to see how interwoven all forms of support and insight are--I remember reading a while ago that whenever you gift another with an insight or energetic practice, you are also gifting yourself - either through the act of giving which is an energetic attunement to Oneness or through the insight or practice carrying an energetic invitation that is being offered to you as well.

Such is the theme of this weeks pull:

The Lion - Immediately shown Dignity, Grace, The Silent Power that comes from Trusting Who You Are, Who You Came From, and Who You are here to Be.

The Dove - a cross cultural symbol for Peace and Union. The 'Flight' or Expansion or Lightening of your Being that Occurs when you align with the Deep Truth within, 'lifting' you above circumstances and situations.

The Archangel Ariel - 'Lion of God' - They who would be your connection to this Innermost Knowing of Truth. They who would assist you in Aligning with the Confidence of Your Inner Truth

Elements: Water and Wind.

Characteristics: Courage, Dignity, Power in Forgiveness, Self Confidence, Strength and Grace through Kindness. The Strength of Forgiveness

Somewhere within you, you Know this Truth: Forgiveness is an energy, not something you have to get or do, it is an energetic frequency that is within you. It aligns you with the Higher possibilities within any situation or thought. I was shown a long time ago that Forgiveness meant, 'for me to 'give' this to God - letting go of my human need to explain it, defend it, justify it, be sorrowed or angered by it, literally lifting it to God so I could 'receive' understanding, compassion and strength for myself in ways that are not humanly possible. Some of the greatest relief I have felt is when I have chosen to align with Forgiveness, particularly for myself.

Another meaning for Forgiveness that may work better for you is 'Compassionate Understanding'

You probably have a number of judgements around what Forgiveness is, and what it should look like. You may find a feeling or essence of forgiveness possible in some situations and impossible in others. You may not yet associate forgiveness with yourself, or find it difficult to align with.

I wonder what might happen if you were to Align with the Possibilities offered to you through this Power Pull.

Did you know that the word Courage, comes from the word 'Cor' - Latin for Heart and originally meant to speak one's mind with all one's heart.

It takes Courage to Forgive - Thus Lion, Dove and Archangel Ariel come forth to support and 'in-courage' you.

This week is a good time, with the aid and support of Lion, Archangel Ariel and Dove to explore these sorts of Questions:

Where in your own being do you carry the energetic burdens of judging self or another?

What expectations do you carry about Forgiveness?

Do you see Forgiveness as a strength or weakness?

Where do you feel (little)self righteous against yourself or another?

Where do you carry conclusions or Points of View around Forgiveness and it Being a Strength, that have never been examined, to see if they fit who you BE and Who you Be Becoming.

How does Forgiveness and the Power of it wish to 'show up' in your life now?

As always I encourage you to align with Curiosity and the Willingness to be Surprised as you navigate these Questions and the Answers that surface.

Also just real eye's that the card is #11 - which for me always means Elevation Beyond, Expansion and the Deep Love of the Universe for all of us.


Much Love


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