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Full Moon, Eclipse and Bat---Power Pull May 16 - 22nd

Bat: Key Word and Message: Vision

Deck: Medicine Cards by Sam's and Carson


Flying across the Tides of Night,

Lend to us Your Blessed Sight.

Grant us Direction Clear and Pure,

So our Soul's Desires Can Mature.

Grant Us Visions from the Deep,

That Guide & Guard Us as we Sleep.

Life from Blindness, our World View,

Show Us that Which is True.

Poem/invokation by MTK and TKH.

Some Potent Questions to allow 'Flow' as you navigate through this Full Moon Eclipse - which by the by, a wise womb'an once told me, ' full moon knows we live a busy life, so Full Moon energies Gift us the day before, day of and day after'.

As Well, Eclipse energies in the Traditions I have been immersed in - flow for months afterwards. So let the 'busy mind' rest for a moment, and allow your attention to drift into these questions:

What is wanting to come forth this Eclipse season?

What 'new vision' or 'old vision ready to come forth' is stirring within you?

What Insights or Visions are possible when you tune into the Full Moon, the Eclipse and Bat?

Mini meditation: Draw the outline of Bat and a Full Moon on your page

Doodle and daydream - what symbols, words, cues come forth?

Wishing you and yours a Blessed Full Moon Eclipse

May that which desires to be seen, be seen.

May that which desires to be expressed, be expressed.

May the Truth at Your Depths, 'fly free'

and May you See the Shining Truth You Be.



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