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Eclipse - Trance-form or Transform?

A Simple Practice for the Times

Trance-Form or Transform?

This is the Guidance that the Eclipse offers us.

The Opportunity for the next few months - is to simply practice bringing awareness to where we are trance-forming and where we are Transforming.

Do we continue to 'fall back on' the places and spaces where we are in 'trance-form'?

I was shown that Trance-form is the energy involved when we 'auto re-create' - meaning repeating the same choices so often, it is as if there is no conscious choice involved anymore - we are in total reactive/repeating mode - almost like being in a 'trance', that is how a habit develops.

Transformation is when the energy invested in a situation or belief is 'released' from the structures it has been contained within, allowing (allow in) the natural habitat of energy - which when freed from current points of view, conclusions and expectations - allows for expansion into Miracles and Magic.

Miracles and Magic --- What if Miracles and Magic were 'natural' states of Be In (being)

What if Miracles and Magic were what is possible when we listen to the Universe and all the realms of connections that are here for us, rather than when we repeatedly 'tell' the Universe what 'is' ?

How do we 'tell' the Universe what is?

Our words, predominant thoughts and belief systems, are all energy in motion.

Thoughts that we repeatedly think (trance-forming) create a 'train track' of habit, and when presented with situations, we will go to 'auto repeat'

We 'tell' the Universe what is, and we forget to look beyond our conclusions

Think of it if you will, as if you are in a lovely new restaurant, you've heard glowing reviews about this place, and you are excited to be there---when the 6 page menu is brought forth - you have the choice to transform --by choosing something perhaps you've never tried, or you have the choice to trance-form by choosing the Mac N Cheese because it's the only thing you recognize on the menu.

Transformation is what is activated when we take a moment to understand that 'same old, same old' is a trance. And being in a state of trance will not bring something new - it simply brings 'more of the same'

To 'move' to a 'new outcome' requires us to 'step' outside of how we currently view a situation

It may be said that any situation in your life that feels like it is on auto repeat with 'no end in sight' is likely aligned with trance-formation

Simply put, the you that is you, has forgotten to invoke the Power of Transformation.

Eclipses are about revealing that which has been hidden, moving through the places and spaces within and bringing our attention to situations that are willing to become less important. What does that mean?

It means that you are being invited to simply bring awareness to where you are in trance-formation, be willing to understand that any situation that seems without solution is indeed a trance-formation, and to begin to simply ask 'What would True Transformation Show Me Here? What is willing to become less important, to 'shift' from conclusion, and to 'flow into possibility awareness'?

Transformation is the natural energy of creation, constantly flowing, growing, creating new and expanded versions of What Is.

Transformation is within each cell of our being, and in the energetics of Who We Are.

It is not something we need to 'get' - we are already in tune with Transformation - it is Gifted to Us and Continually Generates within our Being for our entire lives.

True Transformation is activated simply through your Intention.

See, Feel and Experience in a way that has meaning for you - the Alignment with True Transformation that is already active within.

Transformation, I believe, requires courage

The Courage to say that perhaps what I've believed to be true of me, of you, of this world may not be 'current' or 'accurate'--and to have the willingness to step outside of conclusions, even if for a moment.

The Courage to choose to consider that I may be in a place of trance-formation, and to ASK (Align with Sources of Knowledge) for the Magic and Miracles that are within each moment and each situation to reveal itself through the Power of Transformation.


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