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11:11 - A Day of Remembrance, and a Portal to Possibility

11:11 - A Potent Day, both in it being Remembrance Day AND numerologically a day that can act as a Portal of Possibilities.

It is possible to find a way to balance both the energies of Remembrance Day whilst simultaneously aligning with the energies of potential and possibility that this day carry.

I believe that my Ancestors are appreciative of my ability to do both, after all, part of the reasons they signed up to fight in the World Wars was to provide me and mine, with the ability to live a live filled with freedom, promise and potential

I rather like to envision them on the sidelines of my life, celebrating with me whenever there is a moment of joy, completion or deeper understanding.

Of course this day is filled with the Energies of Honoring and Remembering our Ancestors, and how they showed up for Country and Family - How they Served Their Countries and Stood Up for Freedom. It also acknowledges that the Armistice was signed at 11:00 a.m.. on November 11th, 1918 - Peace Prevailed.

Both my Grandfathers served in the World Wars - and were forever changed by their experiences. While I knew both of them as gentle men, who walked in peace, and were 'soft places to fall' as a child - I personally never saw either one of them raise their voice in anger, or to strike another - as an adult I realize the tremendous toll War takes on the mental health of all involved and am in deep appreciation of how they navigated their lives after war.

In addition, when they returned from the war, there was no understanding of the importance of talking about their experiences, so they went silent.

My family was in awareness of the single story told by my Grandpa on my father's side - he lied about his age to enlist in WW1, where he was on the front line, they were moving forward, it was misty and cold - he got separated from his buddies, and as he tried to orientate himself, he could hear men speaking German, and realized he had gone beyond the front line. We suspect but he would not confirm the probability that he became a prisoner of war. He experienced profound deafness as a result of his time on the front line.

My maternal Grand Dad served in WW2 - and Mom would tell us of the story when he was allowed to come home because my Aunt had been born prematurely, and they weren't sure if she would live or not - Mom recalls seeing her father dressed in his army gear, holding her newborn sister - and how he had to return to the front shortly thereafter.

I often wonder what stories were untold - not only of the horror's I'm sure they witnessed, but also the comradery, the place and space of being where they realized that in protecting country and family, they might die - and having made a peace of sorts around that. What are the untold stories about the families waiting at home, wondering about the well being of their loved ones?

What are the untold stories about the choices that led to them volunteering or being conscripted?

What impact did their experiences have on our own lineages, and what 'stories' are carried in our DNA as a result?

This is one of the reasons I honor and appreciate the ability to work in the Akashic Records, as this is a place where many of those untold stories can be accessed, understood and released.

I would love to help you access the wisdoms and 'remembering's' that are in the Akashic Records to do with your Ancestral Lineage, if this calls to you, let me know.

For myself - the question I ask every Remembrance Day - How can I honor the service and sacrifice that all members of my family have offered throughout the wars of the world, whilst

simultaneously ensuring we make the choices that do not lead to the need for further separation amongst us, further wars or the need for such a sacrifice?

November 11 - is also a numerologically significant day. believed to be of good fortune and a day of new beginnings. How apropos that we can honor those who served in the wars of the world, giving up their freedom and sometimes their lives, so we could have the opportunity to align to days such as this -

Consider this:

If this is a day of growth, development, inspiration and spiritual enlightenment - how may I align with these energies and possibilities?

Can I take a moment in the midst of honoring my Ancestors, to ask those who are supportive and loving, to lend me their support to assist me in seeing what possibilities there are to be seen on this day?

Many Spiritual practices see November 11th as an energetic portal or doorway that leads to infinite possibilities- and this understanding has been in place long before Remembrance Day was created.

Whilst there are a variety of ways to 'tune into' this energy - I'm a fan of the simplest approaches.

I would suggest to you, that you sit in silence honoring those you honor on Remembrance Day.

Drop deep into your heart, and feel the appreciation and gratitude for them, then drop deeper still, and ask to be shown in a way that has meaning for you, the possibilities that wish to be known and created through you on this day of new beginnings and possibilities. Write down whatever you receive, without editing or judgement.

it may be an idea that has come again, it may be a new idea, it may be simply a symbol, rest assured that whatever comes forth is right for you - and your understanding of it and the energetic supports of the Universe to create it will come forth in the right time and place.

Your willingness to be present to this, allows you to receive 'the present'.

You may even wish to imagine that you've been given a 'free wish' or that a Fairy Godmother has presented you with 'magic'

Let yourself feel the freedom this day provides, and 'allow' that there are possibilities that you've not seen before, that you can see today that literally help shift the trajectory of your life, allowing you to 'grow into your glow' even more.

Honor what has gone before you, honor the possibilities that lie within you, and ask your Supportive and Loving Ancestors to assist you in opening your awareness and your vision to the multiple possibilities that exist for each and every one of you -- that are particularly potent and easier to 'see' on this day - 11:11.


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