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Power Pull: March 28 - April 3 Horse (r) & Cicada

Animal Kin Oracle by Sarah Wilder

Horse (r) and Cicada

Power Words: Motivation and Cycles

This week the Power Animals who have stepped forth to assist us in navigating the week ahead are:

Horse (r) and Cicada.

Remembering that when a card is pulled in reverse, it is an opportunity to seek insight around where you are in 'contrary' relationship with or in opposition to the energies offered.

Let's look at how Motivation shows up for us this week?

Allow yourself - in a way that has meaning for you - the image of a Beautiful Horse to arise in your mind's eye.

See the Compassion and Wisdom within this Horses Eye's.

Settle into that warm gaze for a moment, feeling safe and supported

Consider the following:

Can I be honest with myself about my current motivations?

Are they pure? What is the 'why' in back of what I am doing, or think I need to be doing?

Are they colored or influenced by what I think I need to do, or what I think other's need me to do?

If so - are my thoughts about this still current, accurate and true for me now?

Can I be in a state of allowance for the natural ebb and flow that occurs with motivation?

Can I move beyond the season or the calendar telling me what I 'should' be feeling regarding motivation?

If I'm in a state of ebb, can I allow myself to rest while motivation 'recharges' within?

If I'm in a state of flow, can I allow myself to 'go with the flow' and see what unfolds?

It would be impossible to talk about motivation without bringing in our infamous To Do Lists.

Lists are all good and well ( I LOVE lists!!)--however we are shown there are 'deeper' opportunities available for how we can work with these lists to motivate us into activity, action, manifestation?

If there is something on my list of to do's that never makes it to 'done' - can I ask myself why?

Can I lean on Horse's compassion and wisdom to look at this item or 'to do' ism with clear eyes and sight?

Is it time to 'graduate' that item into action, or to release it for now, remove it from the list - trusting that if it needs to come again, it will ---remember that everything is energy---holding onto items in your list that you are not truly motivated to act upon can syphon energy away from the tasks that do motivate you into action. Are you ready to reclaim the energy invested in these 'I don't really want to them but they're on my list" and utilize it somewhere else instead?

Become a discerning list maker, allow your To Do List to include tasks that excite you, or bring an energy of anticipation or enjoyment in----even 'add' things to your To Do List that are seemingly impossible or far into the future------and see what motivating energy and insights come forth.

'Play' with the list - Motivation is a Life Enhancing energy, a potentiator---let the Universe's endless receptivity to you come through - perhaps even consider renaming your To Do List---what about calling it your Motivation Motives??

Let us know what you've renamed your To Do List into?

CICADA - Cycles.

How perfect these both present together.

We had asked for clarification around Horse (r) and Cicada presented.

A reminder that Life is a series of unending cycles, some of them overflow one another, some are completely distinct and separate.

Motivation undergoes cycles as well.

What cycle of motivation are you in now?

What task, or development, dream or expansion are you motivated to bring forth?

Are you at the beginning stages---- of receiving an idea, figuring out the how's, the why's, the when's, the who's, the where's? If so, how can Cicada energy help you 'zone in' on what needs to be seen?

Or Are you in the creative stages - moving from idea to manifestation - If so, how can Cicada energy help you persist and 'fly into expression that is bigger than any challenge or block you may face'?

Or Are you in the Completion stages - having brought forth whatever it was that you needed to create or complete or do------is this completion complete? If so, how can Cicada energy help take onto their wings the old cycles, the old beliefs, and 'fly away' with them --- carrying the energies to the great Beyond for transformation and clearing.

With whatever stage (s) you may be in, can you allow the Steadfastness, Compassion and Wisdom of Horse to motivate you, and the flexibility, persistence and flow of Cicada to help you move through the cycles of motivation currently in your life?


M and TKH

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