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Allow your Own Tru-Knowing

Tru-Knowing Holistics 

Helping You Find Your Way 

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About Tru-Knowing Holistics 

Learn about the Face of Tru-Knowing Holistics 


-Akashic Record Readings

-Shamanic Healing Sessions

-Womb Healing - Individually and in Circles

-Guides, Guardians & Other Helpful Beings From Across the Realms

-Word Weaver


Or more Accurately---Why Not?


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'Set Your Sights Upon a Place

Higher Than Your Eyes Can See '


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Events & Freebies

In Gestation:
-Monthly Newsletter including Mini Healing Practices and Possibilities

-Monthly Womb'ans Wisdom Circles
- Mini-Tasters - short journeys and healing practices 


In Gestation & Preparation :
Will Be Available to Purchase 
Healing Practices & Journeys
Tree Whispers
Reiki Charms

Word Weavings 

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