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Welcome to the Echo's of Light and Magic Within 12-12

Echo's of Light and Magic, the Energies of 12-12


A Word Weaving ™ for You and Yours

So Today is the 12th of December, the 12-12 'doorway' if you will to the Solstice Energies.

From now until the Solstice on December 21st - know that there are Planetary alignments, Energies, Entities and Divine Answers here to assist us in expanding our awareness's, allowing alignment, exploration and entertainment of new potentials and possibilities beyond what we may have considered to date.

As Energetic Beings, these Powerful Times serve as Invitations, where we can, through intention and attention, 'align' to these Opportunities.

A Call to Action, to aligning with Deeper Truth's and Expansive Idea's, from Your Core.

Think of them as Energetic Gifts, given from across realms of time and dimension - Offerings from Those Who Would Love and Guide Us as we 'Grow into our Glow' ™

While the Solstice represents the drawing in of winter, the longest night, the silence of winter's deep sleep - it is ironically also a time of gestation; of aligning to and identifying the dreams, the hopes, the wishes, the Joy that you desire to create and experience in the coming year AS WELL as the Energies, Idea's and Inspirations that seek YOU to express them!. By so doing, we actually align with MORE of the Light We Be during this time of dark nights.

I am shown that during this time of inward exploration and curiosity, LOVE is one of the 'key's' to unlocking that greater depth and understanding within

However it is time, to move beyond current conclusions, understandings, points of view, experiences and conditionings of what Love has meant to you to date.

Let me then, if it resonates with you, offer a Word Weaving ™ - A Blessing - an Invokation - An Alignment to The Rich Energies, Invitations and Possibilities contained within these next 10 days.

Let us activate then, the Intention to Answer this Call - aligning You with The Deeper Knowing and Resonance of the Truth that Love Be - that You Be.

May you Know, Feel, Reveal and BE the Love That you Be.

May you explore New Possibilities, Venues, Awareness's, and Vibrations of What Love Can Be

May you Rest in the all encompassing Peace that is Love beyond conditions, persons, places, history and expectations

Ask now for the Power and Presence of Love's Light within you to be Known, Felt, Recognized and Allowed more deeply than ever before, with Grace, Ease and Joy.

May you Know, Feel, Recognize and Allow the Power and Presence of Love's Light within All Sentient Beings, independently of creed or conclusion.

May the Interdimensional Vibrancy, Awareness and Presence of Love As Who You Be, Come forth in your Awareness more than ever before, letting it express with Beauty and Joy, perhaps letting it 'show up' as Music, Art, Words, Feelings, Situations, or perhaps simply resting in the space of Gratitude as you expand your understanding of Yourself as Love.

May you feel and free the Love Light within each and every cell of Your Being.

May you know that you are created of Universal Love and Light, and as you Resonate to this Great Truth, Helpers appear across realms of Time and Dimension to support you in this realization.

May you Gift All Whom you Know with the recognition of Them as Universal Expressions of Love, and receive their recognition of Your Truth in return.

May you know how to accept, allow, and invite the Blessings, Wisdoms and Gifts of All the Experiences you have ever had, and release all else back into the Allness that is Love .

May you Receive Your Body as Gaia's Gift of Love to and as You.

May you allow the Truth of Love's Light to illuminate, activate, and animate the Healing Awareness's that bring you into Greater Allowing's' of Your Body's Love and Wisdoms.

May you expand your Sight to Receive the Love Light of a thing, an organ, a symptom, or a situation - allow yourself to imagine you can see lines of 'darker writing' which hold the expectations, conditionings, and belief systems you had accepted up til now around this thing,

being absorbed and dissolved into the Light, allowing 'new' perspectives and voices to be heard.

May Love's True Energies and Properties in Your Being and in Your Life, Vibrate and Create in ways that are Active, Dynamic, Initiating, Sustaining, Instigating and Maintaining.

Light Calls to Light Like Calls to Like

May you recognize, express and create from the Love that is at your Core.

May you understand and truly know that You are Already Love IN Expression, You Be Love, there is nothing to 'get', Love as Who You Be is already here, ready and waiting for your attention and intention - now activated by the words of this Invokation and Alignment

Welcome to Your Light Precious Being

Welcome to the Love You Be.

May It Be so, as it has Always Been, Will Always Be, and Always Be Becoming.


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