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Blessings of Imbolc Upon You and Yours

Imbolc is an acknowledgement of the first stirrings of spring.

That deep below the winter frost and snow, seeds are beginning to wake.

Within yourself, you may begin to feel the stirrings of creavity, which are ready to begin long before the snow melts.

This is a time for internal travel, for cultivating a curiosity for looking within.

Ask what wants to 'come to light'?

I would suggest working with the energy of Imbolc to assist you in tuning into the possibilties here.

Begin by Lighting a candle today or tomorrow, sitting in stillness with the intent of looking within - spontaneously and without 'thinking/analysing/how's' simply draw a list of the top ten things you'd like to explore, experience or create over the next six weeks - don't limit yourself, just write it down as it bubbles up into awareness.

Accepting that there is an urge to create within you that is delighted to be allowed a voice and communion with you.

Doing so allows the Attributes and Energies of Hope to arise, which in turn allows further creative ideas to flow into awareness.

There is never a lack of creative ideas, only a lack of awareness of them.

Sitting with the energy of Imbolc and the intention to allow the creative ideas that are ready to come forth now can be very fulfilling, and sometimes a little surprising. :)

Once this feels complete, across the bottom of your list write 'How may I receive and express these new creations?' I ask that People, Places and Circumstances come forth to allow this or better to manifest for the Highest Good of All Concerned. It is so, It is done, It is done.

I also offer a practice that I follow - which honors the Goddess Brigid (Celtic) - in her maiden aspect during the celebration of Imbolc - the first stirrings of spring.

Put out a 'Brat Bhrighite' - which is simply a silk ribbon, or cloth, or wrap - outside overnight. The belief being that as Brigid passes through on the energy of Imbolc touching the land with the energies of the dawning of spring, t she touches he cloth or ribbon, blessing them with her healing energies and vitality - which then are available to the wearer thereafter. Thought to be particulary helpful for headaches (wrapping the ribbon around the head x 3)

May the Blessings of Imbolc be received by you and yours.


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